On May Day 2022

I love to celebrate May Day–the real May Day, not the watered down iterations of the holiday. I wish that May Day could be an official U.S. holiday instead of an afterthought. This lovely springtime holiday is still special to people from traditional European cultures.

The contemporary form of May Day is celebrated similarly to how it was in ancient times. It is a public festival about the first day of summer–in the traditional sense. It’s a big deal with feasting, dancing, and singing. Yes, many cultures still incorporate a may pole in a lighthearted salute to ancient roots. In addition, more than 100 countries celebrate May first as Labor Day. Meantime, Canada and the United States wait until September to salute our workers.

As a grand, traditional holiday, May Day signifies the beginning of the return of the fertile growing season. It is the manifestation of potential in all forms. May Day is a day of optimism as the Northern Hemisphere glows brighter with longer days; and warmth settles in for awhile. The song birds have returned and early flowers provide pleasant sights and smells. Today ushers in the merry month of May.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century British pilot and writer of adventure stories, W. E. Johns. “Queer things happen in the garden in May. Little faces forgotten appear, and plants thought to be dead suddenly wave a green hand to confound you.”

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4 Responses to On May Day 2022

  1. I love this article and I agree with you! My son lives in Germany and his village celebrated with quite a festival of May pole erecting, dancing, and good food! It helps us all I believe to be enthusiastic for our growing season! Wish we would too celebrate it!

  2. Happy May Day! I’m looking forward to summer…until the first 90F days and high humidity.

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