Potted Projects …Floral Friday

Someone once said something to the effect that ferns thrive in the forests while cacti dwell in the deserts. Fools will try to plant them in the same container garden. The florists shake their heads and divide their containers with a partition and fill each half with the appropriate dirt. The smarter florist aligns the container in the window properly so the fern is in the shade of the cacti.

One of the good aspects of indoor container plantings is the flexibility we enjoy when planning and creating projects. The common practice is to cultivate a potted palm. A project that’s more daring is to cultivate a potted palmetto. In this case, a vintage crockery flower pot is home to a miniature palmetto.

A vintage porcelain-finished refrigerator butter pan makes a fun container garden for a cactus a succulent plant and plastic flowers for an accent with pizazz. This is a project even a non-botanist can enjoy.

A miniature braided ficus feels right at home inside an art school student’s project pot. The two elements work intuitively together to create a homey look.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes illustrator and cartoonist, Manuele Fior. “You can get attached to plants when you lose faith in people.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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  1. This is the first time ever, anywhere on WordPress, that a refrigerator butter pan has made an appearance!

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