Reborn Again

Rainshowers and thunderstorms have finally resumed a somewhat regular pattern in my part of the world. Although total precipitation accumulation is still below average, the plant life is green and leafy. Dandelions are especially prolific around town this year.

The reemergence of healthy plants due to rain seems like nature has been reborn. This, in turn, has enabled a boost in my personal morale and general attitude. Despite my dislike of heat and humidity, its presence seems proper as things should be. Throughout the traditional beliefs of many cultures rain symbolizes darkness, which is an essential ingredient of rebirth. Such rebirth appears to be taking place within the culture of my neighborhood.

When we pay close attention to our bodily cycles, we notice there is a sort of ongoing physical rebirth. Biologists remind us that our bodies daily replace approximately 330,000,000,000 cells or about one-percent of one’s body. After around 100 days that means approximately 30,000,000,000,000 have been replaced. In so far as numbers, this is the equivilant of a new body in just over three months.

These statistics appear to support the myth that our bodies are entirely replaced every seven years. Of course that idea is mistaken because our cells are replaced at different rates depending upon where they are. Our skin cells live a couple of weeks; white blood cells live an average of a year; and brain cells generally last our entire life span. Even though the fantasy of a completely new me every seven years is more nuanced, it is still amusing to imagine the seven year cycle yields a completely new physical me.

Meantime, while the billions of cells are going through the various life-cycles, there is rebirth that happens mentally via our perceptions of events and our surroundings. This happens continuously. We notice how an object appears different from various viewing angles or how sounds change pitch and tone according to distance. The brain automatically, instantly calculates this data so well, that we take it for granted.

Although I have a limited understanding of Vedic culture, I’ve learned that Shiva is a deity who represents transformation. That is, through oblivion and restoration, Shiva is endings and beginnings. The world and all of the Universe are constantly being born, dying, and rebirthing. This means that rebirth happens at the micro and the macro levels. So as our bodies replace billions of cells each day, at the same time the planet Earth undergoes constant geologic and atmospheric changes. These facts might have existential, spiritual meanings if we contemplate and meditate upon change.

The past few years, civilization in conjunction with the Earth’s biosphere have been going through life, death, and rebirth. As we recover, we are given the opportunity to refresh our personal worldviews according to new knowledge we have gained regarding disease, health, psychology, economic systems, technology, earth science, and astronomical data.

On the personal level, we have the opportunity to objectively observe our lives and beliefs in the present. We can assertain whether some of our beliefs and habits need to die, whether or not some should be restored, and possible new points of view we may wish to adopt. This process is brought into sharper focus whenever we experience challenges and setbacks. We remember what works and does not work. We seek out new techniques that promise more effective solutions to our problems.

All around us and within each of us, rebirth is continually happening. This fact is fascinating and provides numerous opportunities for serious thought and analysis. When thinking about rebirth, it’s difficult to become bored.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes U.S./Canadian composer, singer, and songwriter, Rufus Wainwright. “Places that have experienced great defeat experience a kind of rebirth, which I think America has to do–unless we want to get more decrepit. I don’t think we have to destroy the place totally.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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3 Responses to Reborn Again

  1. tiostib says:

    thank you for the reminder that the process of rebirth and transformation is all around me as I struggle and play with my own shape shifting.

  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Ummm, Gaia with The Support of Sol and Luna kicked this off circa 4.5 Billion Years ago 😳 😑 😐 😒 🙄 😅 😳 EveryOne; anyone still alive NOW!!! Knows that Spring follows Winter follows Autumn 🍂 follows Summer ☀️ the Relevant Months for these Seasons ARE dependent on The Hemisphere EveryBody


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