Innovation For Teeth

I sat reclined in the patient chair in the dentists’ clinic waiting for the dentist to arrive to examine a troublesome tooth and reinstall the crown that had fallen off. Her assistant returned to inform me that the doctor wanted a C-T Scan and that she would set up the machine then return for me. While waiting several more minutes, I wondered about a C-T Scanning machine in a dentist clinic and how much it would cost. (I do not have dental insurance.)

The assistant returned and instructed me to follow her to another room. At one area of the room, the C-T device stood. It didn’t look like the type of C-T Scanners used in hospitals. I was told to stand in front of the machine and bite onto a small support pad with my front teeth. The assistant said to remain as still as possible for about 20-seconds. During that time, part of the machine slowly circled my head. Then the process was finished. I was led back to the first room, sat back down, and waited for the dentist.

Minutes later, the assistant returned along with the dentist. Both of them examined the results of the C-T Scan and the earlier X-Ray that had been taken. The dentist then informed me that she would not put the crown back onto the tooth because there were some problems at the roots. She would have to schedule me for an extraction next month. She also assured me that I would not be charged for the C-T Scan because she wanted it performed for herself as a way to familiarize herself with the new device.

The dentist then brought the flat screen monitor away from the wall where it had been showing a television show. She switched it to the image of the C-T Scan and explained the images of the inside of my mouth. She then pointed to the problematic roots and described the complications that made it inadviseable to reinstall the crown. The dentist asked if I had any questions. I had none. Then she left the room.

The assistant then chatted with me while she brought up the billing for the visit. I commented about how I was impressed with the C-T device. She remarked that the other dentist (who owns the clinic) has always been interested in the latest technology. I’ve been acquainted with that dentist since the 1990s when he left the employ as a part-timer at my radio station to attend dental school. He has been my dentist ever since he opened his first clinic. Since then, he has attended many seminars and purchased new tech for his present clinic.

Finally, the data for the billing showed up on the screen. The assistant explained the charges. I then paid, using my debit card. Soon, I left the clinic and drove away in my car.

During the drive, I reflected upon the C-T Scan and my dentist’s high-tech clinic. It’s amazing how much research and development has advanced the field of dentistry and nearly every other aspect of our lives. There has been a great amount of collaboration among scientists, research institutes, and industry. They have come together through the years to bring about more benefits for regular people each day. The pace of innovation in almost every aspect of our lives is unprecedented in history.

I still marvel at the presence of a dedicated dental C-T Scanner inside my dentists’ clinic in small-town Nebraska. I wonder what comes next.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes American businessman currently serving as the CEO of Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas), Jared Cohen. “It is difficult to predict technology more than 10 years out with any certitude, but what I observe is that change and innovation happens earlier and faster than we expect. We are constantly surprised at what technology can do.”

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4 Responses to Innovation For Teeth

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    πŸ’œ I AM always impressed with “dentists” who know what they are doing EveryOne; this is why I haven’t been ‘treated’ by a “dentist” since 2005 by a Trusted “dentist” after an absence of “dentistry” during a similar period of time after 1987 when an incompetent “dentist” nearly destroyed my teeth EveryBody…in the meantime I Accept that “tooth” 😬 health is Entirely My Responsibility and Accountability; oddly enough gum has grown, a Natural Filling, in My Tooth Shards where I Refused “Extraction” and The Root Nerves Killed by Root Canal have Resurrected and ReAsserted ThemSelves and it Hurts πŸ˜€ πŸ˜„ 😜 πŸ˜‰ 😁 😬 πŸ˜€ Reminding Me I AM Still Alive


  2. You are brave to go without dental insurance. Although paying for everything out of pocket makes people wiser consumers.

    • swabby429 says:

      I do have a sufficient emergency fund that allows for surprise expenses of this sort. Not ideal, but the ad hoc nature of our healthcare system leaves lower income folks such as myself few options.

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