As I wound up one of my old wristwatches this morning, I could feel the tension building up in its mainspring. The long, flexible strip of metal provides all of the energy that powers the rotation of all the gears, wheels, and hands of the timepiece. When the mainspring is wound up, it is potential energy ready to continuously use by the watch for the next couple of days.

When we observe the world around us, we notice other sources of potential energy–batteries, motors, water, food, and so forth. This stored energy is ready to use for various applications and needs we might need or desire.

When we ponder the various ways potential manifests in our world, we remember there are inner forms of this “energy”. We have ambition, necessity, and “spiritual” potential. We have the flow of ideas, inspiration, and motivation to power us through the days and perhaps to begin a life-journey down another path. This potential allows us to open up to a new world of possibilities and opportunities.

We hear and read that it is good to follow our intuition and live our dreams. Perhaps you feel a strong attraction towards something different or new but question whether or not it will work out, it is potential that provides the spark to investigate this new interest. One can prudently try out this new passion by treating it as an experiment or as a trial period. If the first baby steps feel right, then we can release a little more potential energy by trying again with some adjustments. As more potential is released, dedication and motivation begin to automatically increase.

One might be seeking justification or a sign regarding whether or not a project or subject is right. We can plan the particular necessary aspects and follow our instincts or gut feelings to get started with the fundamentals and lay the foundations of our new path. After those are in place, the remainder can be implemented according to our skill-level and eagerness to learn. After the wheels get rolling, we can continue to develop more sophisticated methods and exercise more complex aspects later on.

Remember that this planning stage represents potential only–not guaranteed results nor success. We will daydream our lives away if we fail to utilize our potential energy. One must actually implement what we have learned and strategized. In order to maximize potential, we must actually use it. The promise of a new opportunity will only be fulfilled if we follow through and take action.

We sense ideas taking shape in our minds. We might fantasize about how the new concept could change the world or at least help our own life go more smoothly. You might have passion and potential galore but no outlet in which to express it. You consider various ways to harness your potential to make it work practically in life. You wait for the opportune moment or opportunity to appear. Vigilance and eagerness are of prime importance. Then, when the opportunity arrives, you are able and ready to set your plans in motion. Just don’t get too comfortable with waiting; seek out opportunities daily.

If the time is not quite right for your idea, it’s important to remain action oriented and keep your potential wound up so as to maintain momentum by improving weak aspects to help make the concept foolproof. As countless motivational speakers have advised, persistance, and practice will serve us when we use them.

Meantime, we have opportunities to learn and expand in personal, intellectual, and existential ways. There are classes and courses available about nearly every subject under the sun. One can check out a self-improvement course or study on-line or at a community college to brush up on knowledge and skillsets. Doing so increases one’s possibilities and potential.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes former President Barack Obama. “Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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4 Responses to Potential

  1. The image of a mainspring powering the workings of a watch is fascinating.

  2. tiostib says:

    Thank you, this post has helped me focus my thoughts on how to move forward with my own life potential.

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