Nostalgic Containers …Floral Friday

After changing the air filter in the HVAC system in the basement, I walked over to the stack of tote containers a few footsteps away. I chose to explore the container that was stashed away in 1998. From that storage tote, I selected three vintage pieces to fill that I’d forgotten about. All three of them subtly tugged at my nostalgia strings. This emotion carried through to this week’s floral arrangements.

I don’t recall owning the pink USA Pottery swan planter. Perhaps it was immediately stowed away after buying it at a garage sale? Oh well, I knew immediately that a lotus bloom would be at home in the container. The large flower is nestled in a bed of greenery and moss roses.

The USA Pottery stemmed urn was probably manufactured in the late 1950s or early 1960s. Peachy colors contrast with the green glaze accents of the vase.

The date “December 1926” was penciled onto an aged, brittle piece of masking tape attached to the bottom of this miniature formal, Deco planter. Pastel, earthy toned floral elements dominate the project.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes romantic fiction writer, Josh Lanyon. “Vintage books, old china, antiques; maybe I love old things so much because I feel impermanent myself.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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3 Responses to Nostalgic Containers …Floral Friday

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  2. I (Kellye) also love old planters, dishes, silverware, etc. I am bookmarking to come back and read more of your posts. Thank you for sharing!

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