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How Do You Know?

There is the question, “How do you know?” Frequently, it is used in the rhetorical sense–often times as a retort, during a quarrel. In other instances, it is used in investigative journalism when the editors and reporters must determine whether … Continue reading

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A New Cycle

I’ve been sidetracked away from working on some of my major projects this year due to other concerns taking priority over them. The frustration reminds me that it’s time to regain focus and re-energize the desire to complete my plans. … Continue reading

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Nostalgic Containers …Floral Friday

After changing the air filter in the HVAC system in the basement, I walked over to the stack of tote containers a few footsteps away. I chose to explore the container that was stashed away in 1998. From that storage … Continue reading

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Yearning For Cold

A few of the small downtown shops promote “Christmas in July” sales events as a way to sell excess merchandise. Many consumers take advantage of these discounts to purchase gifts to give later during the December holidays. This is a … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Legal Precedents

The national concern over the present “activist” U.S. Supreme Court has escaped few citizens this summer. The rulings on women’s rights, gun regulation, and more, has many people worried. We are rightly concerned about our basic rights to go about … Continue reading

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Proud Leaders

The word “pride” is a touchy, complicated one. In the positive sense, it can mean being thankful and affirmative about one’s own state of being. For example, this form is used when discussing national pride, or LGBT Pride. In the … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Your Head

My old guru regularly spoke about thinking too much. He reminded his students that unbridled thinking brings our focus onto “me, me, me”. When we constantly think in such a manner, one result is worry and another result is egotism. … Continue reading

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