Blooms And Clocks …Floral Friday

Coincidentally this week, the project counter contained several alarm clock projects as I cleared some work space for some fast, simple floral projects. The clock projects were mostly complete, so I didn’t disturb them. The vases were very small bud vase style containers that needed some added flair. While assembling the vase projects, it seemed like a good idea to pair each project with an alarm clock for the Friday blog post.

The first project consists of a few small summery flowers inside of a hand-turned myrtlewood bud vase from Oregon. The vase includes a small glass test tube so water can be used for displays. The Zenith AM-only clock radio was manufactured in 1975. It needed a thorough cleaning and a new power cord.

The tiny artisanal trumpet vase is of unknown vintage. It holds a cluster of moss roses and faux berries. The miniature alarm clock works accurately but the face needs painting because the previous owner stored the clock with a dead, leaking battery which left a permanent stain.

A contemporary ceramic bud vase reminds me of the earpiece of an antique telephone. I placed a posy of dried elements inside the container. The battery powered Sharp alarm clock is unusual because it has LCD pointers instead of physical hands.

There is a bonus photo this week because both objects are noteworthy. The trio of tiny vases were physically attached to the tray before firing, so the unit counts as one piece. I completed the easy project with small, filler flowers. The GE clock radio from the 1980s is special because it can provide stereo FM reception. I rarely use the radio these days because the well used radio doesn’t filter out 60 Hertz noise from the household wiring very well anymore.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes South African composer and pianist, Abdullah Ibrahim. “They took away time, and they gave us the clock.”

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2 Responses to Blooms And Clocks …Floral Friday

  1. bloom|time says:

    I love your clock collection!

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