August Still-Life Practice …Floral Friday

This week’s trio of arrangements came about by wanting to pair a few knick-knacks with a few special floral containers. I wanted every aspect to reflect simplicity. The three projects had to include a small amount of whimsy.

The terra cota leopard head pot contains a planting of poppies. The vintage tuxedo cat figurine was a no-brainer accompaniment.

Mature roses and blossoms form a traditional arrangement with the medium tall ceramic vase. The vintage institutional savings bank’s shapes and patinaed brass work well with the project.

A noteworthy, special vase is indicated by the inclusion of the blue jay figurine. The vertically striped Murano blown vase is a favorite. A few blossoms stems are the only necessary floral elements.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century comedian of Laurel and Hardy fame, Oliver Hardy. “A knick-knack is a thing that sits on top of a whatnot.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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8 Responses to August Still-Life Practice …Floral Friday

  1. GP says:

    Still my favorite day!!

  2. Beautiful arrangements. You’ve got style!

  3. Can’t pick a favourite this week, love them all! Maggie

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