Thrift Store Day

I’ve been packing boxes with “gently used” stuff that has been accumlating around the house. I’ll place them in the car and bring them to a couple of thrift stores. I divide them between an independent and Goodwill. The independent store caters to female shoppers–they will get some items that will likely sell there. Goodwill caters to everybody, so I’ll bring my resellable clothing and accessories to that store.

Some of the boxes have already been stacked near the door, waiting to be loaded into the trunk of the ol’ Camry. There’s a fair amount of continuity to the process. Much of the stuff was purchased second-hand and it will be loaded into a car that was purchased second-hand. All of the items and the car have been useful in some manner and have largely served their purpose. The time has come to let go of the smaller items in the hope that someone else will find value in them. As for the car, it continues to serve its purpose and I plan to keep it for as long as practically possible.

Thrift shopping is an extension of a time when I was severely down on my luck. It was a way to obtain necessary items for daily use. Any garments I chose were selected to help make a good impression on prospective employers. Even after finding gainful employment, the thrifting remained as a personal extension because of the endless possibilities of finding things I enjoy.

At one point in time, I began purchasing items that would likely be attractive to eBay shoppers. I had an eBay store set up to do what I hoped would be a booming business. Actual sales were poor and the profit margin was in the negative figures. Also, my heart really is not into retail selling at all. I pulled the plug on that experiment with a sense of relief. Meantime, the merchandise, mostly antique and vintage vases, remains stored in a corner of the basement. Many of those vases find use on Floral Friday posts on this blog.

Long ago, I crossed the line where I stopped shopping at regular retail stores except for essentials that must be purchased new. I cannot reasonably justify paying full price for most of the items I regularly use. Also, I’m at the age when people couldn’t care less what clothing and accessories I wear. That said, I’m very choosy about wardrobe choices.

Today’s outfit is a good example of mindful thrift shopping. The blue jeans are $6.95 Levis that still had the hangtags on them. (MSRP was $99.95.) The burgundy Columbia tee-shirt was barely used before it was donated by someone else. I paid less than $5 for it. On my wrist, is a nice, vintage Timex automatic mechanical dress watch that cost less than $3. The only items purchased new are undergarments, socks, and shoes. I have a stringent rule, never purchase second hand shoes–ever. If you buy used shoes, you’re also buying the previous owner’s foot-health problems.

There are only a few more items left to pack before I load the boxes into the car for today’s thrift store run. Hopefully, my gently used things will become other people’s treasures.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes rapper and singer, Macklemore. “Thrift shopping is all about going into the thrift shop and having no expectation of what you might find.”

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8 Responses to Thrift Store Day

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I used to go through all the t-shirts. Found some unique and artistic designs.

  2. So now we know where you get all of those interesting vases for Floral Friday.😄

  3. mandala56 says:

    I’m right with you on this…if I “need” something I just wait for it to show up at the thrift stores We’re lucky to have a thrift store for arts and craft supplies here.
    Just recently I got a very nice dress and shoes for my daughter’s wedding… total for both, $11. The shoes will only be worn once! And I’ve been watching instructional videos about making rugs out of old t-shirts, so those won’t be wasted when the time comes to “discard” them.

  4. bloom|time says:

    I love thrifting and also mix my thrift finds with retail purchases for a wardrobe that no one else has! While I finally bought a new sofa, much of my wooden furniture is thrifted or rummage saled—they don’t make furniture as sturdy and real these days (at least not in my price range!)… hence people are always asking where I found this or that dresser or table. I am never a prouder mama than when my kids choose to thrift for fun and practicality!

    • swabby429 says:

      Mix new and recycled for best effect. Furniture is a bit more nuanced. Solid furniture is usually a smart choice. I never buy upholstered items because of the possibility of insect infestation or other difficult to remove germs, etc.

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