1944 …Floral Friday

While dusting the bookshelves, I noticed an old florist book that I haven’t consulted in at least a decade. I had purchased it on eBay to better know what types of arrangements were used when my old vases had been originally sold way back when. The idea was to display the containers in the manner the vase designers anticipated they would be utilized by consumers.

It seemed peculiar that the book, which was published in 1944, gave glowing praise to the art of Japanese flower arranging at the time when World War Two was still being fought. Of course, Ikebana was widely respected and admired long before Japanese hostilities erupted, so there was probably no getting around this major influence within the floral arts field.

After perusing a few of the pages, I decided to create a few of my own projects strongly influenced by the designs in this 1944 vintage book. These projects were enjoyable to assemble. I’m glad I stumbled across this old book again.

The mid century, glazed, red clay planter was the first attempt. The book’s illustration of a greenery dominated accent arrangement caught my eye. A small elm twig gathered from my back yard became the mechanicals to support the tangerine-colored flowers.

The Lane & Company fawn planter has been needing a redo for a long time. I took a cue from the book’s Ikebana chapters to build a backdrop for the figurine.

I was itching to use the vintage McCoy “pine cone” planter for an early mid century inspired project. This was tricky to get right; I hope I captured the essence of 1944 chic with this one.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes a favorite Allied propaganda phrase. “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships”.

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11 Responses to 1944 …Floral Friday

  1. GP says:

    Outstanding job. You certainly have a knack for designing!

  2. They all are understated in a way, even though the first and third displays have bursts of strong colors. Beautiful arrangements.

  3. Beautiful floral arrangements. Love them all!

  4. rkrontheroad says:

    The first has the feel of Ikebana, including the understated pot. But I do love the deer vase!

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  6. They are all very well done. Bambi is my favorite.

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