Three Antique Postcards

Yesterday afternoon was slow but my mind was not, so I decided to rummage through some cigar boxes stored on a bedroom shelf. One of the boxes contained a stack of postcards I hadn’t browsed through in awhile. Most of the cards depict typical tourist oriented images. Such cards were often sent to friends and family while the sender was on a road trip. A person could purchase these cards from display racks in souvenir shops and drug stores. Some hotels and motels placed postcards in rooms for the convenience of their guests.

I don’t remember the last time I purchased a new postcard to send off in the mail. The cards in the cigar box were purchased either during my childhood or sent to me by a family member many years ago. Several of them belonged to my father and had been stashed away for many decades in an old steamer trunk.

While pondering the postcards, I set a few aside to place within frames or otherwise display. All three of them were published over 100 years ago, making them qualify as antiques. I include them in today’s post simply because they are curiosities.

The oldest card was printed by Brexo Card Company of Omaha sometime in the early 1900s. The Taft Hotel in Chamberlain, South Dakota was a Victorian-inspired building typical of those days.

The eye is instantly drawn towards the quaint automobiles using the Columbia River Highway. The old card was published by the Oregon News Company of Portland, Oregon.

Two famous celebrities of the time were Buffalo Bill Cody and Chief Iron Tail–a noteworthy Lakota Sioux leader. Iron Tail was an audience favorite in Cody’s Wild West touring show. The image was shot by “Johnny” Baker of Denver, Colorado.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes “Miss Manners”, Judith Martin. “For email, the old postcard rule applies. Nobody else is supposed to read your postcards, but you’d be a fool if you wrote anything private on one.”

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9 Responses to Three Antique Postcards

  1. After my experience one still can get postcards in you travel destinations but you don’t get the stamps there. I still sent some to my mother but she never received any in the last years – even after she moved home. – not because of the missing postcards 😀

    • swabby429 says:

      I should be on the lookout for them when I travel. They make great space-saving souvenirs.

      • I often found quite nice ones. However I was looking for antique ones. Over the years I probably traded more than 10.000 old postcards. I am serious, I ran a couple of online shops with that kind of stuff. What a fascinating world….

      • swabby429 says:

        Yes, there is an entire postcards subculture. I sometimes notice card collectors bidding at antiques and estate auctions.

  2. Those postcards are indeed antiques. Hanging on to simple items for a long time gives them actual value as well as sentimental value.

  3. I love the Miss Manners quote at the bottom of your post – she is very wise

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