The surface of the Earth, natural phenomena, humans, and other living beings possess various characteristics and traits that exist along a spectrum. There is no rational reason to disagree with this observation. However, there is some discomfort with portions of this fact that bring disatisfaction to the minds of some individuals. One might conclude that the uneasiness is another variant of emotional reaction much like cats and dogs disliking unfamiliar situations and things. Yet as human beings, we have the capability of seeing past superficial appearances. We can understand that diversity is a basic fact of life.

Reality exists with fuzzy borders. Purity is generally, only attainable by artificial manipulation and controlled situations. For instance, the most pure form of the metal gold is legally defined as being 99.99-percent gold. There is a smidgen of something else in even the purest grade (24K) of the metal. We can cite another metal–steel. Steel is a form or alloy of iron. Steel is iron that has been combined with carbon and particular small quantities of oxygen, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur. There are numerous varieties of steel that have been formulated for various purposes. These alloys are more useful to us than iron in its most pure form.

When we take a walk through nature, we notice the diversity of plants, animals, rocks, sky conditions, and humans we may encounter. This variety is expected and normal. Similarly, when we take a walk through a major city center, we notice the diversity of architecture, motor vehicles, and humans. There are people who were raised in different backgrounds and people who believe and disbelieve in various concepts. The variety of things and people in a city is stunning. Again, such variety is expected and normal.

Everywhere we go, diversity is manifest. Music is not a monocultural artifact. We have ethnic songs from every culture on Earth. There are favorite standards, classical music of various types, and experimental forms. The variety adds to the richness of human life. Oftentimes, exploring music enables us to meet individuals from different backgrounds and who have values that differ from our own. Ideally, the meeting of the minds fosters respect for our fellow humans and that we will not discriminate based on our different outlooks and experiences. Embracing diversity demonstrates our respect for others and our self-respect.

I mention self-respect because each of us is a mish-mash of personality traits, beliefs, skepticism, love, hatred, emotions, and other mental states. We are attracted to certain experiences and frightened by other experiences. Sometimes we feel chill and other times we’re uptight. We can choose to remain ignorant or we can indulge our curiosity and expand our possiblities. All of these fluctuate from day to day and often times minute to minute.

Diversity seems obvious, yet because of its constant presence, it’s easy to forget about it. The same is true for fish who forget they exist in an ocean of water and we forget we live in an ocean of air. I believe it’s good to remember the magnificent variety of things on Earth and the countless variations of humanity.

Happy Diversity Day!


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes British actor and singer, Michael Ball. “Legally we have integration, social acceptance and diversity… but that doesn’t mean… everybody is down with it.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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8 Responses to Diverse

  1. Diversity is a precious commodity, which for me is definitely as important as democracy, for example. We have to fight for both of them, because they can disappear faster than we would like.

    An exaggeration? Well: At the beginning of the 1980s, there were more than 20 different types of potatoes on the market here in Vienna. 10-15 years later there were only very few (3,4,5). The supermarket chains had squeezed out the small retailers and for the few that survived it didn’t pay off anymore. Today there is again a wide variety. Private initiatives (green movement) have made it possible and the thinking of the population has improved again in this regard.

  2. The AMOUNT of diversity out there blows my mind. It makes for a fascinating journey through life.

  3. The diversity of our natural world is beyond words. It uplifts our being and enriches our experience of life. Happy Diversity Day to you, too!

  4. rkrontheroad says:

    I appreciate the way you have broadened the current popular interpretation of diversity, to include even the diversity inside ourselves. I hope humans can continue to celebrate and protect the diversity in the natural world.

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