My friend Andrew named his cat “Ducky” even though the feline in no way resembles a duck. That is until the cat opens his mouth to vocally communicate. Ducky is incapable of meowing; he can only emit an “ack” sound. The lack of a meow coupled with the “ack ack” inspired the cat’s name.

Ducky is a medium size black shorthair with grey whiskers and chartreuse eyes that reflect different tints depending upon the types of environmental light. Despite Ducky’s inability to meow, he does retain the ability to purr. He’s a mild mannered feline who loves to snuggle with Andrew and his friends.


Andrew adopted his new cat from one of the animal shelters in Bismarck, North Dakota. There were several candidate cats of various sizes, coat colors, and breeds from which to choose. However, only one of the cats begged for Andrew’s attention more than the others. A two-year-old, pure black tom with haunting eyes. The magnetism between Andrew and the cat was palpable. The decision to adopt the young cat was instantaneous.

The shelter had named him “Blacky”, but the cat did not respond to that moniker. During the car ride home, the cat repeatedly cried “ack ack” out of discomfort inside the cat caddy. This was when Andrew decided to give the cat his new name. Ducky showed affection when he heard his new name, so apparently the identifying decision was mutual.

One of Andrew’s neighbors, who evidentally hates cats, tormented Ducky one afternoon and tried to trap him. Because of that incident, Andrew does not allow Ducky outdoors unaccompanied. Andrew sometimes brings Ducky along on errands. He has a special rucksack that has a clear plastic window for Ducky’s viewing convenience. The rucksack riding cat attracts plenty of human adoration from passersby.

I decided to mention Ducky because today is national Black Cat Appreciation Day. Who better for me to appreciate than my friend’s cat Ducky?


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Turkish novelist and playwrite, Mehmet Murat ildan. “Animals like crows, owls, or black cats are not ominous at all; it is the men’s superstitious mind which is the inauspicious one!”

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4 Responses to Ducky

  1. Ducky is beautiful, but the ack makes me think of the comic Bloom County 😊 I think it was Bill the cat who always said Ack.

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