A Quality Life

As we conclude the first week of 2023, we can reflect upon ways we can better our lives. The winding down of the holiday season allows us more mental breathing room and the simmering down of our emotions. We can better contemplate how we think and how we live our precious lives. We can intellectually step back and observe any imbalances we have between family, friends, work, and outside interests. Keeping an eye on adjusting these balances enables us to find life satisfaction.

To live a quality life requires attention to our personal path. We can compare this process to how we drive motor vehicles. We don’t simply turn on the engine and mindlessly allow the car to go any which way. Even cars with auto-pilot need overseeing and correction. To successfully transit the path requires relaxed, balanced alertness. We are then able to enjoy the drive and arrive refreshed. Likewise, relaxed alertness along our life path allows greater life satisfaction.

Much of the Earth’s human population suffers through life. They struggle–disappointed and confused–as they eek out basic survival. They wander about city streets and the countryside garnering hope and wondering if they and their families will survive another day. Many are trapped within the borders of nations ruled by tyrants and oligarchs who exploit the population. Their joyful dreams are hampered by the reality of oppression and repression.

Yet “free” countries contain suffering people, too. We are familiar with discrimination, exploitation, and crime that manifests in different ways. We willingly fall under the sway of manipulative social institutions and their leaders. The citizens are distracted from well-rounded education, basic healthcare, safe neighborhoods, and enhanced economic opportunities–the foundational building blocks of quality life.

“If we wish to rebuild our cities, we must first rebuild our neighborhoods. And to do that, we must understand that the quality of life is more important than the standard of living.”–assassinated member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Harvey Milk

Milk understood the importance of listening to all of his city’s demographics, not just one or two “special interest groups”. He knew that when folks care about their neighbors, they show up for each other and effectively boost the quality of life in their neighborhoods. This attitude is contagious and spreads to other neighborhoods in the city. We can extend this concept to the state and national levels, too.

It’s important to remember that healthy neighborhoods also include the continued existance of natural space. Wilderness and the well-being of wildlife are integral to the well-being of humans, too. The wild areas of our planet are essential for the continuation of the life cycle of all life. Wherever the wilderness is respected and maintained, the overall quality of life is preserved.

In simple terms, working to enhance the world around us with empathetic consideration to our neighbors and ourselves fuels betterment for everyone concerned. A life of quality is a life of inclusiveness and compassion. There are bumps and obstacles along the way, that’s why we use alertness, care, and discernment as we continue our life’s journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes American filmmaker, Noah Baumbach. “It’s going to start really interfering with your quality of life, your health, if you don’t adjust to life as it’s happening to you.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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4 Responses to A Quality Life

  1. We are all exploited and cheated by corruption. Much corruption has been legalized as part of the system in America.

  2. You know the saying about money being the root of all (or nearly all) evil.

    • swabby429 says:

      There is an optimum amount of money one needs for survival and to enhance our lives. When one becomes obcessed with obtaining ever increasing amounts, then it becomes the love of money. That is soul-crushing.

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