Energy is a popular noun in today’s society. In its physical sense, energy is the power obtained from chemical and physical resources. We use this energy when we switch on a lamp, cook food, or change the temperature of a room. We harness this type of energy through the use of petrochemicals, nuclear fission, or capturing light in solar cells. People utilize physical energy to help us do things.

There is another definition of energy that is psychological in its usage–one that is sometimes misused in popular conversation. Energy, in this sense is the vitality and strength we need in order to power our muscles for physical activity along with the nourishment necessary for mental activity. This type of energy gives us a feeling of well-being.

We utilize some forms of both types of energy each day. We consume water that was purified by technology powered by some sort of fuel and electricity. Our food contains the stored energy acquired by other living organisms. Our mental energy is invigorated through desire and persistence. When we combine these two energies, we accomplish tasks.

When some people exclaim that they “have no energy”, sometimes they mean that they do not feel strong or that they cannot muster up courage. This usage is ambiguous and tells us little about the mental state. They might also mean to say they’re tired or lack passion. Being more exact in terminology is one way to regain some of their strength. In this manner, a person can focus on the actual physical and mental needs then act to remedy the causes. If I’m tired, I can take a nap. If I lack passion, I can investigate why not.

We run into difficulties and obstacles throughout our lives. We understand the auspicious possibilities of our potential actions; but the way is littered with complications. We redirect our emotional frustration and harness it into effective, productive determination. Understanding precisely what blocks us is more helpful than surrendering to the ambiguous word “energy”.

Many of us enjoy spending time with positive, upbeat people. We tend to shun others who express toxic emotions. The upbeat people seem to glow with constructive desire and encouragement. The toxic people seem trapped and discouraged about life. It’s easy to understand why most of us gravitate towards upbeat, joyful friends who radiate passion for living. Such passion is contagious.

We notice people who stand up for justice and act to improve the lives of others. There are millions of people who send forth encouragement and hope for humanity. Such people yearn for betterment and progress towards well-being for everyone. Such people have passion. They have mustered the courage and strength to activate their desire. Such people inspire us to become better people ourselves and to harness our own passions.

This mindset seems to prove that energy is not created nor destroyed. It changes form, it flows or explodes into something else. Our mental energy, when concentrated into passion is easily harnessed to help us manifest our desire. Hopefully, when we know this in our bones, we will responsibly use our passion for constructive, helpful purposes.

We humans are prone to error and failure. We can be discouraged then give up; or we can build on our mistakes and use them as stepping stones towards becoming the best versions of ourselves. Each day, we are capable of expressing some joie de vivre, because life is a sacred gift to use and to share.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 18th/19th century British writer, philosopher, and advocate of women’s rights, Mary Wollstonecraft. “The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful in society, had that society been well organized.”

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7 Responses to Energy

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  2. Interesting that I come across this post. I was just speaking with some young folk this weekend about this new use of the word energy. “I go off people energy,” its all funny to me. We as a society are simply followers and its so tiresome. There is a such thing as spirits. Seems today whatever the hashtag of the moment is we run with it. I wish we’d stop it.

  3. bloom|time says:

    I love quirky uses of language like modern slang, and one of my current favorites is when the younger generation says “he has main character energy.” Also, older but still tickles me: “it’s giving me

  4. Irwan says:

    Yes…I like this talking about energy…the newest energy…In the future , we will face big problem about energy source…

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