Richer Tones …Floral Friday

While reviewing some much earlier Floral Friday posts on this blog over the past week, I came across several projects featuring vases that haven’t been used lately. It seemed like the time had come to bring a few out from storage and fill them again. While creating the arrangements, I made sure to include a few more richer toned colors because it is wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

The butter-yellow, Art Deco, two-handled USA vase includes beige clusters and a brilliant Peruvian lily stem. A few blue touches add color balance.

Fire-orange flowers pair with orange drip glaze to warm up the cobalt blue California Pottery Ewer pitcher vase.

The angled-opening, rectangular resin vase provides support to tall clusters of blues and reds. This subdued project is a calming visual that contrasts with sharp, January weather.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes 20th century philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein. “If we were to imagine an orange on the blue side or violet on the yellow side, it would give us the same impression as a north wind coming from southwest.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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11 Responses to Richer Tones …Floral Friday

  1. What talent, my friend, in creating such harmonious beauty! The fire-orange flower arrangement captured my attention. The arrangement using the angled-opening, rectangular resin vase is perfect in every way.

  2. I really love number 2. I’d keep it on display for awhile if I were you. 😊 Maggie

  3. rkrontheroad says:

    The middle one is lovely, both the arrangement and the pitcher. But the Japanese style brushwork on the slab-built third is beautiful, and I imagine the bird thinks so too.

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