Another Go At Post-Modern Projects …Floral Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done any radical experiments by creating projects that display era-crossing styles. These vary from contemporary flowers in a Neo-Deco container, to subtle modernism within a vintage vase. Such arrangements are attempts to make artistic statements more than efforts to remain true to traditional floral design theory. That is, more so than my usual Friday offerings.

The Chrome, Neo-Deco vase is basically a sturdy bud vase. This time, I brought it together with a hand-gathered posy in an attempt to mirror the globular shape of the vase.

The near antique McCoy finger vase is the base of the most jarring post modern statement of the day. The sharp tropical leaves poke fun at the sedate design of the vase. A gladiolus stem is out of step of the eight prim and proper roses–thumbing a nose at symmetry. The intent being to push well beyond the boundaries of normality. It’s an “anti-people-pleaser” statement.

The 1960s styled Abingdon star vase teases normalcy by supporting a 1930s inspired cluster of complimentary tea roses. The intent of this project was to contrast the second project’s abrasiveness with this more congenial, harmonious appearance.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author, choreographer, and dancer, Twyla Tharp. “There’s this expression called postmodernism, which is kind of silly, and destroys a perfectly good word called modern, which now no longer means anything.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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6 Responses to Another Go At Post-Modern Projects …Floral Friday

  1. GP says:

    Friday is still my favorite day in Swabbyland!!

  2. While 2 and 3 are fun and quirky, I really love number 1. Happy Friday! Maggie

  3. Even though I lack the perceptiveness to understand why, I find that your arrangements are always beautiful and a pleasure to view.

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