Electrical Accessories …Floral Friday

We commonly accessorize our living spaces with gadgets that are powered by electricity. Most of the time, we give little thought about these things. At the same time, we personalize our spaces with decorative and collectable stuff–some of them being floral accessories. Most of the time we give no mind that these things coexist together while they make our homes a little nicer.

Today’s projects pair electrical accessories with floral arrangements as exercises in awareness. I had plenty of fun putting these together for your consideration.

Small blossoms collected inside of a department store candle holder are paired with a mid-century Sunbeam faux-pendant alarm clock.

The glowing device is a novelty, conversation starter “Full Moon” LED globe that continuously, gently changes colors. It’s parked on top of a standard florist’s candleholder mechanical. I weaved faux flower stems through the candleholder’s wire supports before deciding not to use a conventional pillar candle on top.

A cluster of blooms and greenery are nestled within an old varnished brass vase that I bought several years ago at “Dollar General”. The accompanying device is a battery powered personal television set. The TV works but cannot receive digital television station signals. So now, it’s basically an obsolete gadget. It would be great if there was a small signal converter device to make the TV play modern broadcasting signals.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes Canadian, author, educator, and TV host, Scott McGillivray. “People automatically associate the caliber of the space based on the appliances.”

About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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13 Responses to Electrical Accessories …Floral Friday

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  2. GP says:

    Love the arrangement, Swabby, but I couldn’t resist bring you….

  3. I feel the charge! Good displays, as is always the case.

  4. All beautiful. My favorite arrangement is the old varnished brass vase 🙂

  5. I got a charge out of this one! 😄

  6. rkrontheroad says:

    Nostalgic! The full moon is lovely – I imagine you waiting for the right color to appear before taking the photo.

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