My Colours

There’s just something emotionally light about a flower arrangement in a room. The colors are especially refreshing when the arrangement is placed inside of a minimalist room. The textures and colors add measurably to the overall appeal of the place.

The world is a spectrum of colors; and that is something that helps make us so special. There are even two ways of spelling the word in English: color and colour. In addition, the word has different spellings according to each language. There are more colours than colours of a rainbow. This is a beautiful thing.

A visiting cousin once commented that the various colors of the walls in my house put off a retro vibe and made him feel nostalgic. I was rather surprised because I originally chose each of those colors because they looked fresh and contemporary. This proves that colors bring out different feelings in different people. This might be why we have favorite colors and why those favorites might change through the years of our lives.

Throughout my own life, my favorite colors have shifted somewhat. They were reflected in my cars’ finishes. My first car, a Chevy Camaro, was red with a matching red interior. Another car was an orange Honda Civic with a black interior. I owned two brownish tan cars, A Chevy Vega wagon and a Datsun 310 coupe both also had light tan interiors. There’s also the grass-green Vega with a green interior that was mine for a couple of years. I swerved back to red with a VW Quantum (Passat) Syncro wagon with black interior. My current car is a white Toyota Camry with a medium grey interior. I guess I’m ready for anything with those neutral tones. Then again, my unobtainable dream car would be a red Ferrari F40.

Judging by the various colors of my cars and the walls of my house, I tend to favor warm colors–mostly variations of reds and yellows. When it comes to blue, bring on the sky blue and lapis lazuli, but only as accents. Oddly enough, I chose dark shades of green for the walls in the bedroom. I try not to associate the greens with the undependable green Vega sedan.

Regarding wardrobe choices. I dress rather conservatively because understated colors simply “feel” comfortable. The exception to this “rule” regards shirts. Some days, I am drawn towards cheerfully toned polos or tees. On other days, stark white or pure black are the only choices to consider. Today I’m wearing a burgundy red, long-sleeved, Henley pullover with indigo jeans.

A friend once said that our minds and bodies wear the colours of our souls. The highlights, tints, and shades reflect our inner beings. This may or may not be 100-percent true, but the statement seems to have a little bit of merit. If that is the case for today’s burgundy red shirt, I’m supposedly feeling ambitious, powerful, and wealthy. Upon further reflection, there are some ambitous feelings, I have personal power, and my wealth, though not financial, is measured in other ways.

Now that the Northern Hemisphere is entering the springtime of the year, we will be exposed to the various colors of trees and flowers in the natural world. When we take some time to spend in the great outdoors we will experience the vibrancy of the natural world. We may even become inspired to write a little poem, paint a picture, or to fall in love. All we need to do is to feel the colors of our inner being.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes actor and comedian, Kevin Hart. “I don’t want enemies. I want friends, and I want them in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and loving whoever they want to.”

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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4 Responses to My Colours

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    You might want to explore the work in color healing pioneered by Darius Dinshah. I’ve seen it do some very amazing stuff!

  2. I tend to prefer blues and greens and I remember your green wall from Floral Friday one week. Maggie

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