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In Color

I’m guessing that early photographers would have embraced color film if it would have been readily available during their lifetimes. Although there is a certain elitism present in certain photographic and cinimatography circles about the alleged “superiority” of black and … Continue reading

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Three Antique Postcards

Yesterday afternoon was slow but my mind was not, so I decided to rummage through some cigar boxes stored on a bedroom shelf. One of the boxes contained a stack of postcards I hadn’t browsed through in awhile. Most of … Continue reading

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On Music

The love of nature and the arts transcend political and social boundaries. There seems to be a nearly universal love of music. The music varies from culture to culture and each of us has a favorite genre. We have favorite … Continue reading

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Revisiting An Old Hobby

An old junior high buddy contacted me on Facebook this month after being separated from each other for several decades. Gary and I used to hang out at Irvingdale Park in Lincoln, Nebraska during summer school breaks and at each … Continue reading

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Post-Modern Ideas …Floral Friday

For today’s projects, I chose tall vases constructed of various materials. My intent was to fill them in unconventional, contemporary arrangements. I wanted to push the boundaries only slightly. The end results ended up somewhere between avant garde and post-modern. … Continue reading

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An architect friend has often opined about application of aesthetics in his line of work. Randal believes that building design is all about the unity of form and function. A building should prioritise its present and anticipated future functions. The … Continue reading

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“Amongst the qualities a hero should have, I would include determination, loyalty, courage, perseverance, patience, focus, intrepidity and selflessness.”–popular actor and singer, Ricky Martin The Carlo Wostry painting of Ludwig van Beethoven is my favorite depiction of a classical music … Continue reading

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