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National Creativity Day

An acquaintance asked about my blog and in particular if it was making me any money. I told him that my blog is not monetized and that I actually have to pay a yearly fee to have it. It’s like … Continue reading

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Slow Art Day 2023

For this year’s bluejayblog post about Slow Art Day, I wanted to concentrate on something from Piet Mondrian. I’ve long been fascinated by his famous abstract, cubist inspired paintings of rectangles and intersecting lines. However, today I want to meditate … Continue reading

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Adding Color …Floral Friday

I had a passing thought of sharing today’s projects in black and white instead of color. The personal reason being that I’ve been tinkering with the black and white modes on two of the cheap point and shoot cameras that … Continue reading

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In Color

I’m guessing that early photographers would have embraced color film if it would have been readily available during their lifetimes. Although there is a certain elitism present in certain photographic and cinimatography circles about the alleged “superiority” of black and … Continue reading

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Three Antique Postcards

Yesterday afternoon was slow but my mind was not, so I decided to rummage through some cigar boxes stored on a bedroom shelf. One of the boxes contained a stack of postcards I hadn’t browsed through in awhile. Most of … Continue reading

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On Music

The love of nature and the arts transcend political and social boundaries. There seems to be a nearly universal love of music. The music varies from culture to culture and each of us has a favorite genre. We have favorite … Continue reading

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Revisiting An Old Hobby

An old junior high buddy contacted me on Facebook this month after being separated from each other for several decades. Gary and I used to hang out at Irvingdale Park in Lincoln, Nebraska during summer school breaks and at each … Continue reading

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