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Thoughts About Art On Leonardo’s Birthday

Without a doubt, Leonardo da Vinci was one of the world’s greatest artists and visionaries. He has been the subject of many essays, books, films, and other intellectual studies. What can I say about him that has not been explained … Continue reading

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Not Quite Money

While shuffling through a stack of postcards to find examples to use for yesterday’s blog post, I rediscovered three Anime bills. I couldn’t remember whether dad described them as legitimate Thai currency or if they were issued as pretend money. … Continue reading

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Save Your Photos

September has been “Save Your Photos Month”, so I’ve been going through my digital storage media and the physical systems used to store snapshots and more serious photographs. I’ve come to distrust thumb drives and most disc-based storage media; however, … Continue reading

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About A Few Stylish Colors

During a Facebook automotive interest group discussion about a car photo, one member commented that he liked the 1957 Lincoln Premiere’s styling but hated it in the color pink. Another member wondered if “Mary Kay” decided to use Lincoln cars … Continue reading

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Avant Garde In March …Floral Friday

I decided to breech a few boundaries this week–floral boundaries. Perhaps the March winds pushed my imagination in this direction. Who knows for sure? I brought out three containers plus a few hands-full of floral elements then decided to allow … Continue reading

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Simple Accents …Floral Friday

To paraphrase one of my former art teachers: simplicity is not the absence of complexity, such lack is often the consequence of simplicity. Simplicity is the result of essential ingredients regarding the purpose and place of an artifact. The lack … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Talent

My late brother Mark once remarked that the two of us were failed artists. We both had a good laugh because it was largely true. Our sketches and doodlings were uninteresting to others outside of the family. Even our father … Continue reading

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