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I Like To Read

We learn by example, by listening, and by reading. That’s the truism I learned early on. It didn’t have to be drummed into my head, though. The statement was an affirmation of my personal experience. Some of my earliest boyhood … Continue reading

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Balanced Living

One doesn’t need to browse the Web very long in order to stumble across some expert or authority writing or talking about the need for balance in our lives. Certainly, there are numerous websites, books, and seminars that focus on … Continue reading

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Time Tourism

In 1952, Ray Bradbury published a short story called “A Sound of Thunder”. The tourist, Eckles, takes a time travel journey to the age of the dinosaurs in search of a Tyrannosaurus rex. He was ordered not to deviate from … Continue reading

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Pondering Character

I heard the comparison during a late night interview shows on a network radio station back in the day. It may have been with Larry King or one of the other big-name broadcast journalists of the early 1980s. The interviewer’s … Continue reading

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How Fascism Works (Review)

Many voters and political observers have noticed an ever-expanding trend of authoritarianism in the United States and in several other nations. Several of these observers have drawn parallels between the current state of affairs and the rise of fascism and … Continue reading

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The Night Tommy Swanson Died (Review)

My expectations about YouTuber Jack Merridew’s third short book were spot on. The book is a macabre commentary on growing up gay in America. The Night Tommy Swanson Died is a more eloquent offering than his first book Fireworks Over … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Anti-Intellectualism (Commentary)

Have you ever wondered why so many people in the West, especially in America, are proud of not knowing science, mathematics, civics, and philosophy? It’s gotten to the point where ignorance of facts has become some sort of virtue. To … Continue reading

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