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Working The Night Shift

What had I signed up for? I asked myself that question while seated in the company car I drove to the darkened warehouse lot. Except for one mercury-vapor yardlight, the property was pitch black. To say that guard duty was … Continue reading

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It’s Library Week 2023

Reading and research have been integrated into my life since early childhood. For example, one minor instance comes to mind. I had become curious about the song “Yankee Doodle”. Why did he call the feather in his hat “macaroni”? What … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Fun

I had just returned from across the street to see if the mailman had delivered any mail yet–he hadn’t. A blue Frisbee plopped onto the yard near my feet. I picked it up and instantly flipped it towards the two … Continue reading

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Virtually Vacationing

Earlier this week, I felt nostalgic about a commute route I used to drive. So I decided to ride along with someone on US Highway 101 from San Jose to San Francisco. This was not physically possible at the time … Continue reading

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The Plague Of Censorship

Restricting access to books and knowledge is how tyrants try to control the social narrative. This has been proven time and again throughout history. However, this fact has taken a backseat during the current uptick in the culture wars. Cancel … Continue reading

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We can blame certain mobile phone and Internet habits on dopamine rushes. (See last Sunday’s post “Outgunned”.) We can blame algorithms and AI for others. We can also learn to retake control of our precious time through awareness. The new … Continue reading

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Andy giggled like a child as we watched the opening sequence of “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. My friend and I are big fans of the stop-motion animation comedy genre. The collection of things and the amount … Continue reading

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