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Upon Hearing HAL’s Song

For the umpteenth time, I watched Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. This occured during a lull in activity this past weekend. The scene in which HAL the computer is being shut down became the prompt for today’s short post. … Continue reading

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Through Others’ Eyes

Ever since a young age, I’ve loved reading historical novels and non-fiction about olden times. The accounts written by people who actually experienced the events in the books are the most captivating of all. I feel as if those books … Continue reading

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World Radio Day 2022

Longtime, regular readers of this blog know that the media is in my mental DNA. Radio broadcasting, in particular has provided me with many memorable experiences and acquaintances. On a more practical level, radio provided me with nearly all of … Continue reading

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The subject of space aliens popped up in conversation with my Cuban friend Nelson recently. He had watched the old sci-fi movie “Forbidden Planet” on Netflix the night before. He raved on and on about how campy and cool the … Continue reading

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It was time for my routine Friday morning nap. I decided to do something different–put on some background music in place of silence. The DVD/CD changer already contained a few CDs that I’d been too lazy to put away into … Continue reading

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The Pakistani villagers in the video seemed so pure and delightful that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them. The first video of them I encountered was titled, “Tribal People Try Apple Pie”. The villagers’ reactions were charming, … Continue reading

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Well, after the tiring hype that’s been happening since September, Halloween has finally arrived. The holiday seems more anti-climatic than in previous years. I suppose that’s what so much marketing and expectation does to such days as today. I’m afraid … Continue reading

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