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The Pakistani villagers in the video seemed so pure and delightful that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them. The first video of them I encountered was titled, “Tribal People Try Apple Pie”. The villagers’ reactions were charming, … Continue reading

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Well, after the tiring hype that’s been happening since September, Halloween has finally arrived. The holiday seems more anti-climatic than in previous years. I suppose that’s what so much marketing and expectation does to such days as today. I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Not Quite Money

While shuffling through a stack of postcards to find examples to use for yesterday’s blog post, I rediscovered three Anime bills. I couldn’t remember whether dad described them as legitimate Thai currency or if they were issued as pretend money. … Continue reading

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Waiving Anonymity

It’s somewhat disconcerting when total strangers call out your name in public spaces as if we are old friends. Being well-known and recognizable within a city changes something fundamental inside a person. With my chosen career came some minor level … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Treasure

As is the case for many posts on this blog, the inspiration┬ácame from housecleaning or upkeep of some sort. This time spring cleaning the basement is the culprit. While moving stacks of storage totes so the broom could reach between … Continue reading

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Who hasn’t been tempted by something or someone trendy? Even if the curiosity was short-lived. Trends come about because of our love of novelty. We can be drawn in to some phenomenon because it reflects part of our personalities or … Continue reading

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I Like To Read

We learn by example, by listening, and by reading. That’s the truism I learned early on. It didn’t have to be drummed into my head, though. The statement was an affirmation of my personal experience. Some of my earliest boyhood … Continue reading

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