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I can scarcely believe today is the September Equinox already. Time seems to pass quickly these days. The equinoxes and solstices are the least arbitrary marking points in our planet’s orbit around our star. Truth be told, today is only … Continue reading

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Blue Sky

During a stroll through the neighborhood, I was struck by the unusually rich blue tone of the sky. Was it due to less humidity in the air? Was the angle of the Sun a factor? Were there fewer pollutants swirling … Continue reading

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The Storm Collapsed

One Saturday evening last month I had been casually monitoring the local NOAA Weather Radar website to track a line of moderate thunderstorms that were moving through Northeast Nebraska. A few severe storms were indicated by red blobs on the … Continue reading

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Thinking About Conservation

I’ve been closely following the news reports and videos of the precarious situation at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead this summer. The ongoing drought in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah has seriously affected water flows of the Colorado River … Continue reading

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Yearning For Cold

A few of the small downtown shops promote “Christmas in July” sales events as a way to sell excess merchandise. Many consumers take advantage of these discounts to purchase gifts to give later during the December holidays. This is a … Continue reading

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On The Prairie

I used to live in a tract apartment on Prairie Avenue. Although the building was of fairly recent build, it was of inferior construction and was poorly insulated. During especially cold nights, frost formed on the inside of outdoor facing … Continue reading

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Reborn Again

Rainshowers and thunderstorms have finally resumed a somewhat regular pattern in my part of the world. Although total precipitation accumulation is still below average, the plant life is green and leafy. Dandelions are especially prolific around town this year. The … Continue reading

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