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My Observations About LED Lighting

While on the road to Omaha yesterday, I noticed several new vehicles with defective daytime driving or running lights. These are the long or stylized arrays of LEDs (light emitting diodes) found on later model vehicles near the headlights that … Continue reading

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Squirrels And Me

A miniature, natural freak show exists just outside the window in front of my desk. Every single day, rain or snow or shine, squirrels exhibit their squirrely lifestyle behavior. Most of the time, I notice the activity that takes place … Continue reading

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There are few things as infuriating than finding litter on the yard. At a minimum, each morning, I discover a beer can, or liquor bottle, or fast food packaging. Picking it up has become so routine that I crafted my … Continue reading

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Re-purposed Metal …Floral Friday

Today is thinking outside of the box day at my home. In this case, the box contains recyclable metal objects. I have some items that are unacceptable to the local conventional recycling company, but they look like good candidates for … Continue reading

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A Day For Sauntering

I like to go for walks on the Nebraska Cowboy Trail. It’s a very long area of real estate that used to be railroad right of way. The actual trail stretches through several counties, so people rarely go for regular … Continue reading

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Charles Richter’s Scale

People like to compare things so we can wrap our minds around difficult concepts and events. For instance, there have long been means of comparing the severity of hurricanes and tornadoes.  If you’ve ever experienced a tremor or a full … Continue reading

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