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Critter Invasion

The stray cats began showing up in the neighborhood early this spring. There were perhaps six or seven of them. This was around the time that my feline friend Orange stopped appearing at my door for a few weeks. The cats … Continue reading

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The Energy Of Autumn

The equinoxes more than the solstices satisfy my imagination. I try to reserve extra time during each equinox to contemplate and meditate upon the Planet Earth and my small place on it. Yesterday’s equinox was no exception. The day was … Continue reading

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The Funeral Procession And The Levee

The weather was unusually mild and quite pleasant. I decided to enjoy some rare August quality time outdoors. I walked leisurely along East Norfolk Avenue. It’s a stretch of the town’s main street, near where the street becomes a state highway … Continue reading

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Out In The Boondocks

For World Photo Day today, I will share a few photos taken in my special place in the world. Nebraska is sometimes derided as a mere “flyover state”. However, for those of us who live here, the locale and the … Continue reading

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The body was feverish. The throat felt parched. Perspiration drenched the face, stung the eyes and smeared my eyeglasses. The absence of even the slightest of breezes brought out my worst feelings of aversion about summertime. It was time to take … Continue reading

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It was a mild afternoon by July in Nebraska standards. The sky was partly cloudy. There was a light breeze of about 10-miles-an-hour. The weather monitor read 81 degrees Fahrenheit with 42 percent relative humidity. A squirrel was chattering at … Continue reading

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The sky was a pure, turquoise blue except where the Sun ruled the eternal dome. A soybean field that spread out over several acres, completed the visual effects. A chorus of meadowlarks trilled to provide the soundtrack for the composition. … Continue reading

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