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Thoughts About Tact

When we were young children, most of us probably did not understand the basics about tact nor even its meaning. Parents and other adults generally made allowances for this lacking out of understanding and tact. Eventually, most children do learn … Continue reading

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Personal Searches

I will begin today by mentioning that the names used in today’s post are pseudonyms so as to protect the privacy of the acquaintances whose privacy has already been violated by Internet sources. I also credit my friend Tommy (his … Continue reading

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Genuine Care

A former colleague Amy freely admits to being na├»ve regarding people’s intentions. One afternoon, Amy phoned to request a favor. She needed to replace her car with a newer, more dependable, and economical model. Amy excitedly mentioned that the woman … Continue reading

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side

My nonagenarian friend Leroy recently moved into an assisted living apartment. His vision has deteriorated to the extent that he believes he’s legally blind. Although he’s fully able to move around and perform basic tasks, Leroy had been worrying about … Continue reading

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On Friendship

To find a trustworthy, true-blue friend is like a finding treasure in a second-hand thrift store. We encounter many acquaintances, friends of convenience, and fair-weather friends throughout our lives. Yet discovering those precious people who become our closest friends is … Continue reading

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About A Good Friend

Our first conversation was something along the lines of “So, what kind of music do you enjoy?” He said that he liked New Age, modern jazz, dance tracks, and Space Music. I instantly knew then that Doug was a kindred … Continue reading

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On Meteorology Day

The weather and the forecasting of it was a major interest of my late friend Doug. When he was much younger, he worked part time for the National Weather Service in Norfolk, Nebraska. His weather station gig was something he … Continue reading

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