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Don’t Be A Sidekick

Dad sometimes expressed his wish for me to be a television host. He envisioned me of one day replacing Johnny Carson. Dad said not to settle for becoming Ed McMahon’s replacement. I usually brushed off dad’s comments by reminding him … Continue reading

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Encourage Anyway

After showing that he is trustworthy and is capable of improving his life, he was recently given permission to leave the halfway house. I met Eldon (an alias) at our town’s Goodwill Store. Eldon has a chipper, outgoing personality and … Continue reading

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

A banker friend (who has been long deceased) one day mentioned something in passing. Walt said people in the banking business measure their personal worth in financial terms. For the most part, bankers consider themselves “high value” people with plenty … Continue reading

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I’m not Brad Pitt, not even close. I’m not a famous celebrity. I’ve had instances when some complete stranger approaches me asking for a hug. The last time someone did this, he also wanted to take a selfie with me. … Continue reading

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Use Your Own Words To Sing Your Song

Singer, songwriter, and friend Dan took pride improvising guitar riffs and piecing together music. The songs were inspired by romantic crushes, personal milestones, and sometimes just goofy thoughts that went through his mind. He could play other artists’ tunes quite … Continue reading

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Fear Shrinks Your World

He reminded me of a sensitive plant. The plant with leaves that are open as default, but curl up and shrink into themselves at the gentlest touch of the breath or a finger. Mike (not his real name) was painfully … Continue reading

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Being Unreachable

Someone on Reddit asked about good stuff we used to enjoy in the past that modern technology all but wiped out. One of the replies mentioned being unreachable. That is, the proliferation of smart phones has made all of us … Continue reading

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