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Time And Innovation

Shortly after awakening this morning, I shut off the “Goodnight” sleep monitoring function of my Galaxy Watch. Then scrolled through the apps to decipher the quality or lack of quality of my sleep. I was pleased to find that over … Continue reading

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I decided to take a short break from viewing watch repair-servicing videos and switch subject matter to another fiddly topic of personal interest. I searched for “master model car builders”. This subject interested me because I used to assemble 1/25th … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

This is a quick, throw-away post. It was triggered by a tiny square piece of plastic. To be exact–a small piece of grey trim that was manufactured to cosmetically cover the Phillips screw head that retains the interior latch release … Continue reading

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Watch Innards

While searching through one of the catch-all shoeboxes in the storage closet, I stumbled across an antique pocket watch that has been needing servicing ever since who knows when. The Ingersoll “Yankee” was manufactured sometime between 1896 and 1925. I … Continue reading

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Grabber Reacher Tools

Four years ago I threw out a back muscle which resulted in limiting my ability to bend and pick up dropped items or reach for things on high shelves. Only with great difficulty could I perform the tasks I had … Continue reading

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Save Your Photos

September has been “Save Your Photos Month”, so I’ve been going through my digital storage media and the physical systems used to store snapshots and more serious photographs. I’ve come to distrust thumb drives and most disc-based storage media; however, … Continue reading

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My across the street neighbor spent the entire Thursday afternoon washing and detailing his pickup truck. As an example of his efforts, he probably spent half an hour polishing each wheel. When he was finished with the vehicle, the truck … Continue reading

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