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Some September Close-Ups

I wanted to share a photo of a vintage wristwatch with a buddy who lives in Minnesota, so I took a few test shots. One of them showed the dings and scratches that revealed that the prior owner might have … Continue reading

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Butter Bell

The micro investigation began innocently enough at the local Goodwill Store. I noticed a small, lidded pot that was glazed with my favorite shade of orange. The lid was secured with tape as is the practice of the store to … Continue reading

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While scrolling on the Web through photos of ridiculed cars this week, I came across a picture of the maligned Trabant. The decrepit cars were manufactured in East Germany as the only automotive option for citizens of the German Democratic … Continue reading

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Clean My Space

At the first of each year I jot reminders for periodic tasks that need to be done. One of them is to clean my working spaces. This is necessary because various books and objects from past and future small projects … Continue reading

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Sleep Tracking At My Home

I was asked by Neil of “Yeah, Another Blogger” fame how my Galaxy Watch could determine when I’m in REM state. This was in reference to Thursday’s “The Biological Clock” post on this blog. I couldn’t provide a satisfactory answer, … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Radarange

I suppose one could say that we had a long, symbiotic relationship with each other. That is if one considers the usefulness of a mechanical device in relationship to its human owner as symbiotic. When the device fails, it seems … Continue reading

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Some Clock Repairs

Yesterday, I mentioned that I must clear my minor-repair project agenda before beginning to build the RMS Titanic model. This past weekend, I wrapped up three alarm clock fix-ups. Two were simple motor replacements in conventional Westclox analogue clocks for … Continue reading

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