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Jumpstart Your Creativity

Imagine what the world would lack if Paul McCartney had grown up in an overly critical home.  What if all Meryl Streep’s parents said to her was, “When will you settle down and get a real job?” The Beatles, if … Continue reading

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Can Our Minds Be Hijacked?

Jorge asked an intriguing and somewhat scary question yesterday. Have our minds been hijacked? I fired back by saying, “Possibly.”  I continued my response by saying this is a question I’ve asked myself many times in the past, because we … Continue reading

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Something About Road Maps

My car was manufactured before dashboard data screens were invented.  It’s an entry-level sedan that is a basic, no-nonsense vehicle that always takes me where I need to go.  I never bothered to buy an aftermarket GPS gadget, because I have … Continue reading

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Alessandro Volta’s Big Discovery

The power source for many of our modern devices had its humble beginnings due to dissected frog legs. Pavia University Physics professor and student of chemistry, Alessandro Volta was in disagreement with anatomist Luigi Galvani. The two men disagreed over … Continue reading

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Photographic Slide Experiment

Two years ago, I decided to go through some of the numerous slides that have been filed away in carousels stacked in the storage closet.  Nearly all of them were shot about three decades ago, when I went through a … Continue reading

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It’s Flashlight Day

A couple of years ago, while watching reviews for extremely expensive fountain pens on YouTube, I stumbled across reviews for very expensive, high-end flashlights.  I was taken aback at military grade flashlights priced as high as $900.  There is a fetish for … Continue reading

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Thinking About Machines

During yesterday’s meditation, my thoughts meandered to machines.  Specifically, that I interact closely with them 24/7.  I sleep with the aid of a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine that blows air into me. There’s the wristwatch I habitually strap onto … Continue reading

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