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The Kitchen Range

Every year or so it’s time to slide the electric range away from the wall and out of its cubby hole. There’s usually dust and cobwebs to clear away. I also whisk away dust and debris from the rear and … Continue reading

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John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” I love that little proverb because it’s a little snippet of wisdom that brings my mind back to reality when this business of life screws up again. … Continue reading

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Scattered Time Keeping Memories

The year, place, and catalyst came together to jump-start my fascination with the concept of time. It was the summer of 1966 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The State Fair was in full swing, but I had to stay home to nurse a … Continue reading

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My friend Marcus played a short piece by Mozart on his electronic synthesizer because he wanted my opinion about performances of classical music on contemporary electronic instruments. “Klavierstück in F, K 33b” is a very short keyboard ditty written by … Continue reading

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Tune-Up Time

The twice per year equinoxes are when I think about tune-ups for the house and for the car. Sometimes thoughts about personal tune-ups come to mind, too. The March Equinox signals the arrival of hotter weather. There will be different types … Continue reading

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My friend Charlie said the clock has a worn escapement and that he will have to find a replacement or fabricate one from a “blank” gear. Charlie is a retired clockmaker/watchmaker. He only works on a few jobs each year. … Continue reading

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Longevity And The Old LED Clock

Yesterday morning I leaned back in the desk chair to reflexively stretch in place. The glowing numeric display of the wall clock caught my eye. The Radio Shack “Micronta” clock has kept time while hanging on the same wall since … Continue reading

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