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That Constant Ringing

Why do concert venues promote high-volume, applified noise? At least that’s what over-amped loudspeakers at dance clubs, bars, and auditoriums cause us to ask, as people who want to preserve our hearing. In 1971, I attended a Led Zeppelin concert … Continue reading

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To Foresee

I have a crystal ball in the living room. It doesn’t foretell the future nor have special powers. I do sometimes use it during meditation as a concentration object–something to keep the monkey mind calmed. When I begin to believe … Continue reading

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

A banker friend (who has been long deceased) one day mentioned something in passing. Walt said people in the banking business measure their personal worth in financial terms. For the most part, bankers consider themselves “high value” people with plenty … Continue reading

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In Pursuit Of Silence

Parker made a cringe-face then dramatically threw up his hands in mock disgust upon hearing the first bars of “A Holly Jolly Chrismas”. In a serious tone of voice my friend exclaimed that if he heard one more Christmas song, … Continue reading

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I posit that habits are the ambient, white noise that masks true realism and prevents us from full perception. The habits may be “bad” or “good”. Obviously, harmful habits such as tobacco smoking and eating late at night can cause … Continue reading

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The Northeastern quadrant of Nebraska has experienced drought conditions during the past year. The severity is much like the dry conditions in California and much of the rest of the Southwestern contiguous states have endured. Needless to say, the drought … Continue reading

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So Much Sugar

My late friend Diane used to bake a large pan of baklava for me each holiday season. The dessert was one of the special treats she prepared for her family and friends. She understood that I rarely eat sweets due … Continue reading

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