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Worry is ubiquitous. Worry can be destructive and exhausting. Worry can also be creative. Wait! How can all of these be true? Basically, worry is our built-in technique of dealing with fear. Worry is the mind’s way of trying to … Continue reading

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I quickly skimmed my mental checklist: insulated boots, medium-weight parka, mittens-not gloves, and snow scoop. Clearing the driveway was on the agenda. I had decided to shovel the ridge of snow that forms a few feet away from the garage … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Self

While listening to one of Sam Harris’ meditation app episodes, my monkey mind drifted onto the subject “sense of self”. As I began reflecting on it, I imagined that such contemplation is a very introspective mental act. A sense of … Continue reading

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L’appel Du Vide

I stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge’s pedestrian walkway each time I visit San Francisco. It’s a tradition and sort of a compulsion. Ever since I moved away from the Bay Area, the bridge walk during visits, has simply given … Continue reading

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The Hugging Has Been Canceled

It’s been a couple of months shy of a year since the pandemic abridged many of our personal and social niceties. One of those that I greatly miss is hugging my friends. I’m a very tactile person. I like to … Continue reading

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Balanced Living

One doesn’t need to browse the Web very long in order to stumble across some expert or authority writing or talking about the need for balance in our lives. Certainly, there are numerous websites, books, and seminars that focus on … Continue reading

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The answer is yes. Whenever people ask if I plan to be vaccinated against Covid-19, I say I do. It seems peculiar that inoculation to prevent coming down with the virus should be controversial. The vaccine and the virus have … Continue reading

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