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The cooler temperatures of September in Nebraska bring about a particular silence around the house. At night, I no longer need to use an electric table fan to circulate air in the bedroom. The HVAC doesn’t cycle to air conditioning … Continue reading

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Still More Thoughts About Happiness

We are told that money cannot buy happiness. Well, to anyone who has lived at least a few decades, we understand why. We also know that the lack of money will not buy happiness either. Having a certain amount of … Continue reading

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A sudden craving for an orangesicle invaded my brain yesterday. I’m not sure why this happened. Perhaps taking care of a few outdoors chores triggered it. Maybe a suppressed memory was the cause. All I know is that suddenly the … Continue reading

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Get Out Of Your Head

My old guru regularly spoke about thinking too much. He reminded his students that unbridled thinking brings our focus onto “me, me, me”. When we constantly think in such a manner, one result is worry and another result is egotism. … Continue reading

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“I’ve always had difficulty with self-examination.” I made that statement during a walk with my friend Jonathan. There always seemed to be some anguish along with very little self-congratulation involved. Yet introspection seems to have always been present in my … Continue reading

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Two Sunny Memories

“Keep your face towards sunshine and it will get terribly burnt.” Sometime during my teens, I twisted the famous Walt Whitman saying about sunshine and how shadows will fall behind you, because sunburn has been a worry since early childhood. … Continue reading

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Innovation For Teeth

I sat reclined in the patient chair in the dentists’ clinic waiting for the dentist to arrive to examine a troublesome tooth and reinstall the crown that had fallen off. Her assistant returned to inform me that the doctor wanted … Continue reading

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