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Periodic Personal Inventory

I used to belong to a chapter of AlAnon when I needed a support network to help get through my own rough spots while dealing with my then best friend’s alcohol addiction. The group provided emotional support and taught effective … Continue reading

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Laughing Fit

During lunch yesterday with my friend Andrew, he spontaneously decided to share a pun. “What do sea monsters eat?” I didn’t know what the reply should be. He answered, “Fish and ships.” I groaned, but that only egged Andrew on. … Continue reading

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Peripheral Neuropathy

It felt like I was walking on pins and needles. This is not a metaphor; that is how my feet sometimes felt when I walked. The best way to temporarily remedy the sensation was for me to remain standing and … Continue reading

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What’s The Hurry?

The white pickup turned out of the church parking lot a few yards directly in front of my car without stopping. The driver then sped faster as if she was late for an appointment. Two blocks later, the railroad crossing … Continue reading

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It’s OK To Be OK

Jonathan and I enjoyed a dutch-treat lunch at the neighborhood Hy-Vee supermarket’s deli the other day. We both ordered veggie-burgers, thick-cut fries, and lettuce salads. The prices were higher than we expected, but not exhorbitant. The salads’ greens had the … Continue reading

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Take Time To Be With Your Inner Self

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s tangents. We hear people say we should buy certain products, engage in particular religious practices, cast our votes for candidates and issues, eat according to special dietary plans, root for amazing sports … Continue reading

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Understanding One’s Own Faults

Today I tip-toe around a topic that is imbedded with emotional triggers for many of us. That is the subject of fault-finding. It’s easy to criticize political figures, celebrities, and other people we do not like. However, if we spend … Continue reading

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