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Today, while America observes another anniversary of 9/11, one might claim that the horrific terrorism came about, at least in part, due to anger and resentment of the perpetrators. The tragic destruction of lives and property demonstrated the dark power … Continue reading

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It’s Labor Day in the U.S.A.

Labor Day is one of the rare official holidays that is not focused on one particular, noteworthy historical person, national milestone, or religious observance. At its core, Labor Day salutes the everyday working person. The very history of instituting the … Continue reading

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Diligent Yet Free

“I have tasted freedom. I will not give up that which I have tasted.”–LGBT activist, Harvey Milk Have you noticed certain people love their freedom so much that they actively try to suppress the liberty of others? On the other … Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder about the workings of your brain as regarding thoughts and memories? Unless we’re absolutely focused upon a task or engaged in meditation, random memories, resentments, joys, and visions pop up, uninvited. Some eastern spiritual teachers call … Continue reading

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Happy Arrgust

Happy August to you. Or if you like pirate lore, Happy Arrgust to you. Popular society has long enjoyed making light of some of the worst villains who have ever pestered fair-playing, lawful mercantile traders. We realize that pirates of … Continue reading

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There was a copy of the Athenaeum Portrait above the blackboard in one of the classrooms at Irving Junior High in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is the famous unfinished painting of George Washington by the artist Gilbert Stuart. The copy of … Continue reading

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Moon Day

July 19, 1969, the world awaited with baited breath for one of the most anticipated milestones to occur. The next day, two humans were scheduled to land a spacecraft and then walk on the surface of the Moon. As history … Continue reading

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