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A piece of contemporary, popular advice warns us against being judgmental of others. On the surface, this seems to be a good thing. However, broad, sweeping generalizations raise a large, flapping, red flag in my mind. This popular saying sometimes … Continue reading

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By afternoon, the city’s bike/hike trail had been cleared of the light snow that had fallen before noon. Not wanting to waste the dry concrete, I slipped into an insulated barn coat and a stocking cap then stepped outdoors. I … Continue reading

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Clearing Off The Desk

“It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, because it means you’re not doing anything.”–Michio Kaku Dr. Kaku’s quip is one of my favorite sayings about the subject of desks. I sometimes remember it when my desk becomes cluttered but … Continue reading

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Very Early Morning

The booming subwoofer in a passing vehicle rattled the house windows and startled me awake. I glanced at the time on my smart watch–the display showed 1:43 am. I briefly considered revenge on the inconsiderate neighbor down the street who … Continue reading

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It seems that plenty of folks deal with the existential fear of abandonment to some extent. I base this statement upon the anecdotal evidence of conversations I’ve had with acquaintances, friends, and other loved ones. In too many instances their … Continue reading

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Getting Some Sleep

“Total Sleep: 6 hrs 6 min” according to my smart-watch this morning. This does not include the 21 minutes of “awake” that was also logged. The “Goodnight” app on the watch is one of my favorite and most used features … Continue reading

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Right Sharing

Perhaps you have had to participate in a group project at some time in your career or in school. Every member of the group was assigned and/or expected to perform a particular role in the project’s completion. In reality, everybody … Continue reading

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