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While making my bed Monday morning, a thought about an acquaintance popped into my head. Ricardo is someone who used to converse with me nearly every day. Anyway, Ricardo moved to Indiana a couple of years ago, and hasn’t bothered … Continue reading

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Feeling Philosophical

My friend Ryan stopped me in front of the fresh cauliflower at the neighborhood HyVee supermarket yesterday to “say hello”. While exchanging pleasantries I asked how he and the 2004 Nissan Altima that he purchased last month were getting along. … Continue reading

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In the summer of 2010, my brother went to our old hometown for a couple of weeks because he felt nostalgic. He wanted to immerse himself in the surroundings of his childhood and relive the happiness of youth. During one … Continue reading

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Would You Choose Your Life?

Terry placed his coffee mug on the table and looked into my eyes. Then he softly asked, “If you could choose to have a perfect life, would you choose the life you have?” “Wow! Where did that come from?” The question … Continue reading

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Snapshots As Flashback Triggers

The personal paper and emulsion snapshots we have tucked away in albums can be thought of as a type of folk art. Whether other people believe this is true or not, the pictures can certainly trigger memories of times and events … Continue reading

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Ivan’s Common Sense

My late, great-uncle Ivan was the embodiment of common sense. His actions were rooted in accepting the obvious reality of situations, then behaving pragmatically. Ivan was very fond of gardening. His entire back yard in Sunnyvale, California was basically a … Continue reading

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Happy Hallowe’en

As a necessary change of pace, I’m taking a day off from writing very much. In order to justify this decision, my reason is to celebrate Hallowe’en. Yes, I bought a few bags of “Fun Size” candy bars for the little munchkins … Continue reading

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