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The Junk Drawer

This is a quick, throw-away post. It was triggered by a tiny square piece of plastic. To be exact–a small piece of grey trim that was manufactured to cosmetically cover the Phillips screw head that retains the interior latch release … Continue reading

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First Light

Each day I awaken well before dawn. After the preparations to begin my active hours, I visually survey the outdoors: on mild days, from the front steps–on stormy days, from the front window. Most mild early mornings my feline friend, … Continue reading

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Life Cycles

Tree leaves continue to accumulate on the lawn. They remind me of the life cycle of elm trees. Now, the trees are entering their dormant cycle as they prepare for the harshness of a Great Plains winter. As I sweep … Continue reading

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Joi De Vivre

One day late last month, the weather was mild, which inspired Nicky to suggest that our friends group hold court at Johnson Park. He wanted to have an impromptu pot luck picnic. It wasn’t going to be fancy or difficult. … Continue reading

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Storms were forecast to occur early in the morning after 3:00. However, the storm front arrived an hour earlier and caused quite a ruckus. I tried curling up in bed to block out the flashes and rumbling, but I only … Continue reading

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Grabber Reacher Tools

Four years ago I threw out a back muscle which resulted in limiting my ability to bend and pick up dropped items or reach for things on high shelves. Only with great difficulty could I perform the tasks I had … Continue reading

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Beauty And Ugliness

“Philosophy, in its simplest form, is the exploration of the beauty and ugliness of life.”–philosopher, physician, poet, and writer, Debasish Mridha Mridha’s quote came to mind yesterday afternoon while looking at the front yard and the street outside of the … Continue reading

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