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From The Prairie

I met Scott while we waited in line to pay for our purchases at Goodwill. He pointed to my “SF” baseball cap then mentioned that he follows the Giants, too. We soon became engaged in conversation about the San Francisco … Continue reading

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Parker’s eyes light up, a toothy smile floods his face, and we fist-bump all at the same time. It’s refreshing to be greeted by a sincere smile. When the gesture is spontaneous and natural, it comes from someone who is … Continue reading

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National Creativity Day

An acquaintance asked about my blog and in particular if it was making me any money. I told him that my blog is not monetized and that I actually have to pay a yearly fee to have it. It’s like … Continue reading

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On Brother’s Day 2023

As of early January, Mark has been gone for eleven years. He died on the operating table to repair an aeortic anuerysm after seven-hours in surgery. Although more than a decade has elapsed, this still feels like it happened more … Continue reading

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Some Of My Neighbors

Recently, very early in the early morning I decided to open the front door to check on the progress of an approaching thunderstorm. I immediately noticed a woman sitting on my porch steps scrolling through her phone and smoking a … Continue reading

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I Live In The Boondocks

I see flashes of lightning and hear distant thunder as a line of thunderstorms approaches Norfolk, Nebraska as I tap out this blog post. I have the radar image page from NOAA on one tab of the browser so I … Continue reading

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Leaning On Ceremony

During the funeral of an acquaintance, I thought about how nearly every Christian funeral has the same basic structure. In this case, the person was a traffic accident victim and had been cremated. For the preceding day’s wake, the urn … Continue reading

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