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Opining About The Heat Again

The Facebook meme asked the question, “Name one thing that most people like that you dislike.” In the comments section, I typed, “summer”. The answer was reflexive–made without much thought put into it. I had just cleaned up after mowing … Continue reading

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There was a copy of the Athenaeum Portrait above the blackboard in one of the classrooms at Irving Junior High in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is the famous unfinished painting of George Washington by the artist Gilbert Stuart. The copy of … Continue reading

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Waiving Anonymity

It’s somewhat disconcerting when total strangers call out your name in public spaces as if we are old friends. Being well-known and recognizable within a city changes something fundamental inside a person. With my chosen career came some minor level … Continue reading

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Moon Day

July 19, 1969, the world awaited with baited breath for one of the most anticipated milestones to occur. The next day, two humans were scheduled to land a spacecraft and then walk on the surface of the Moon. As history … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Done Is The Best Feature

I pushed the lawnmower into the garage and parked it in its usual corner. I locked the small, rear door then walked past the car to the driveway. I then picked up the old straw broom and began sweeping grass … Continue reading

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One of my former art teachers, Mrs. Frey, liked to say “sticktoitiveness” when doing individual coaching among her students. For instance, my acrylic paintings always looked far too dark, even those that depicted daytime scenes. It was never my intent … Continue reading

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“Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.”–Eric Burdon Everyone must endure some type of struggle because it … Continue reading

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