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“Don’t be scared of what should be scared of you.” My maternal grandfather first told me this when I encountered a large garden spider while I accompanied him on his farming chores. I was probably nine or ten years old … Continue reading

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Working The Night Shift

What had I signed up for? I asked myself that question while seated in the company car I drove to the darkened warehouse lot. Except for one mercury-vapor yardlight, the property was pitch black. To say that guard duty was … Continue reading

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Two Teachers

The subject of teaching has been in the current news lately, in a troubling way. Schools have come under increasing pressure to censor knowledge. Some schools, especially those in Florida, have bowed under iron-fisted laws. Teachers are walking on eggshells … Continue reading

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Laughing Fit

During lunch yesterday with my friend Andrew, he spontaneously decided to share a pun. “What do sea monsters eat?” I didn’t know what the reply should be. He answered, “Fish and ships.” I groaned, but that only egged Andrew on. … Continue reading

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As the sky brightened yesterday morning, a rooster began to crow at a farm somewhere east of town. His sound was barely audible but unmistakeable. I hadn’t heard roosters crowing at dawn since last summer, so the “ur ur ur … Continue reading

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It Smells Like Spam

After I greeted Mike at my front door, he exclaimed that the outdoors smelled like frying Spam. He recounted some mealtimes during his childhood that his mother would fry slices of the processed meat to accompany fried eggs for breakfast. … Continue reading

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What’s The Hurry?

The white pickup turned out of the church parking lot a few yards directly in front of my car without stopping. The driver then sped faster as if she was late for an appointment. Two blocks later, the railroad crossing … Continue reading

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