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Musical Bowls …Floral Friday

For the last day of the first month, using freshly polished crystal bowls seemed like a good idea. Today we have two clear large bowls and one smaller tinted bowl.  All three give pleasing musical tones when gently hit. No … Continue reading

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The life symphony, opus 2019 is in the last segment of its finalé. Has the piece unfolded as promised during its prelude this January? Did your personal orchestra have a dream to play? Was it an intense vision? Were there … Continue reading

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After the conclusion of the violin concerto, the public radio announcer back-announced the piece by Antonio Vivaldi. The announcer confessed that Vivaldi is one of his favorite composers. He said that Vivaldi’s effulgence was manifested in his numerous compositions for … Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

This year, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day falls on a Sunday. This is an ideal opportunity to practice, perform, or otherwise engage with our talents. I use the plural form of talent because all of us have more than one. … Continue reading

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My friend Marcus played a short piece by Mozart on his electronic synthesizer because he wanted my opinion about performances of classical music on contemporary electronic instruments. “Klavierstück in F, K 33b” is a very short keyboard ditty written by … Continue reading

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Pondering Happiness

I stumbled across an old mix-tape last night while searching through a shoe-box full of trinkets and miscellaneous small items. Out of curiosity I popped it into the ghetto blaster. After several songs into the first side, “Kodachrome” by Paul … Continue reading

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“You’re Free To Go” I heard the old song on the radio while standing in a queue to pay for a few items at the Dollar General store. One of those weekend country music countdown shows had featured the Jim … Continue reading

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