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The cooler temperatures of September in Nebraska bring about a particular silence around the house. At night, I no longer need to use an electric table fan to circulate air in the bedroom. The HVAC doesn’t cycle to air conditioning … Continue reading

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True Family

For many of us, to address the subject of family requires exploring our emotions deeply. Our experiences growing up in either a “conventional” nuclear family or being raised in foster family settings do not conform to socially proscribed norms. Many … Continue reading

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“An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship – it is a crime against our nature as human beings.”–Salman Rushdie Whenever someone issues an edict or warning with the aim of preventing me from reading something, … Continue reading

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On Romance

“I’m startled when you whisper, I’ll run if you should sighI must be so careful, or I’ll kiss my heart goodbyeYou shouldn’t let me dream ’cause I’m too romanticDon’t make me fall unless it could all come true”— James Monaco … Continue reading

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Post-Modern Ideas …Floral Friday

For today’s projects, I chose tall vases constructed of various materials. My intent was to fill them in unconventional, contemporary arrangements. I wanted to push the boundaries only slightly. The end results ended up somewhere between avant garde and post-modern. … Continue reading

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Pondering Democracy

We learn in school that pure democracy is founded in the theory of the basic human right to be heard. Democracies are based upon the concept of human equality. It is the cornerstone of the governance of such nations as … Continue reading

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Creative Living

There’s the matter of joy that arises from creating something each day. At least this is something my friends group and I have noticed and encouraged over the past several years. Jonathan enjoys tweaking retail displays at his job. Andrew … Continue reading

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