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To Perceive

Wherever we find an object or develop a concept, there is perception. When we examine a thing or a thought we arrive closer to the reality or detoured by falseness of what we had previously believed about it. When we … Continue reading

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To Be Fair

One of the first interpersonal impulses we feel as children is the necessity of fairness–especially as it applies to ourselves. The matter of justice is strong in other species, too. People who have more than one dog have observed that … Continue reading

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The Days Slip By

“This will probably be the last time I will ever drive home to Norfolk.” While this statement from one of my old buddies hit me like a brick, it was not unexpected. Years ago, Ward and I used to goof … Continue reading

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Time To Renew

Considering the holiday season and year-end catching up, this time of year is rather hectic for a great many folks. It’s easy to forget to take the time for contemplation, and personal rest, because we feel so rushed. Failing to … Continue reading

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Enjoying Brisk Weather

My sleep is far more satisfying when the outdoors temperatures are low. It’s wonderful to snuggle beneath a heavy quilt and listen to the HVAC purring through the house’s ductwork. Upon awakening, I linger a few minutes and savor the … Continue reading

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Pondering Self-Control

There is a world of difference between using punishment to control someone and using self-control to enhance oneself. The first is coercive and the latter is voluntary. This is a touchy matter when we consider how much legislation is necessary … Continue reading

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The Real Deal

Here and there we hear about influencers, and see doctored photos on social media and elsewhere. It seems that such people are not happy with themselves and wish to present an enhanced image of themselves. This requires plenty of time … Continue reading

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