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Pondering Excellence

While discussing photography with my friend Jorge, we meandered into the concept of excellence. I mentioned that my photographs are nowhere near the quality I had expected at this stage in life. Jorge interjected that his photos seem primitive compared … Continue reading

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Filter With Cubes …Floral Friday

Today’s projects were inspired by my friend Parker’s wild-hair suggestion. He watched as I changed the air filter in the HVAC unit in my basement. Parker grabbed an extra filter and wondered if it would make a cool backdrop to … Continue reading

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Mid December Displays …Floral Friday

I can barely believe there are only three weekends remaining of 2022. The holiday season only increases our perception of time passing quickly. There have been a few small projects I wanted to finish before time compresses even more as … Continue reading

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Domestic Lamps

I’ve been trying to replace an old, malfunctioning Lava Lamp® but it’s been difficult finding a new one. I finally settled on one of their glitter filled lamps because they’re trouble-free. While reclining in the semi-darkened living room last week, … Continue reading

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In Color

I’m guessing that early photographers would have embraced color film if it would have been readily available during their lifetimes. Although there is a certain elitism present in certain photographic and cinimatography circles about the alleged “superiority” of black and … Continue reading

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Three Antique Postcards

Yesterday afternoon was slow but my mind was not, so I decided to rummage through some cigar boxes stored on a bedroom shelf. One of the boxes contained a stack of postcards I hadn’t browsed through in awhile. Most of … Continue reading

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Some September Close-Ups

I wanted to share a photo of a vintage wristwatch with a buddy who lives in Minnesota, so I took a few test shots. One of them showed the dings and scratches that revealed that the prior owner might have … Continue reading

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