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In the spring of 1982 a tenant who lived in the apartment next to mine asked if I would be willing to be the photographer at her wedding. She asked because she had noticed that I took my Canon AE-1 … Continue reading

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Background And Light …Floral Friday

This time of year in much of the Great Plains, we experience more grey, overcast, wet days. Despite the highlights of colorful autumn foliage, the overall atmosphere often feels bleak. With this in mind, I decided to play with background … Continue reading

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Watch Innards

While searching through one of the catch-all shoeboxes in the storage closet, I stumbled across an antique pocket watch that has been needing servicing ever since who knows when. The Ingersoll “Yankee” was manufactured sometime between 1896 and 1925. I … Continue reading

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Four Old Postcards

“For email, the old postcard rule applies. Nobody else is supposed to read your postcards, but you’d be a fool if you wrote anything private on one.”–Judith Martin aka. Miss Manners Miss Manners’ advice is germane and up to date; … Continue reading

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Save Your Photos

September has been “Save Your Photos Month”, so I’ve been going through my digital storage media and the physical systems used to store snapshots and more serious photographs. I’ve come to distrust thumb drives and most disc-based storage media; however, … Continue reading

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Three Radios

Yesterday I mentioned several interests that I want to further explore and develop. One of them is to utilize features of an older Sony camera I have not exploited. Today, I share three examples of the beginning of that investigation. … Continue reading

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It’s World Camera Day

In anticipation of World Camera Day, I decided to resurrect one of my old standby cameras. I found the thing inside of a small airline bag at the back of the storage closet. All that was necessary was to find … Continue reading

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