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National Creativity Day

An acquaintance asked about my blog and in particular if it was making me any money. I told him that my blog is not monetized and that I actually have to pay a yearly fee to have it. It’s like … Continue reading

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Paradox Of Choice

I clicked several potentially good shots of old buildings during my last stroll through downtown the other day. After returning home, I went to download the images to the laptop, but there were only three pictures. Of the three, only … Continue reading

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Arranged Arrangements …Floral Friday

This week’s projects include one new arrangement apiece placed with one or more additional elements to create mini-still-lifes. That’s basically the thrust of today’s offerings. A contemporary NAPCO planter holds a cluster of cacti. A gold-tone gifted travel alarm clock … Continue reading

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Adding Color …Floral Friday

I had a passing thought of sharing today’s projects in black and white instead of color. The personal reason being that I’ve been tinkering with the black and white modes on two of the cheap point and shoot cameras that … Continue reading

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Pondering Excellence

While discussing photography with my friend Jorge, we meandered into the concept of excellence. I mentioned that my photographs are nowhere near the quality I had expected at this stage in life. Jorge interjected that his photos seem primitive compared … Continue reading

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Filter With Cubes …Floral Friday

Today’s projects were inspired by my friend Parker’s wild-hair suggestion. He watched as I changed the air filter in the HVAC unit in my basement. Parker grabbed an extra filter and wondered if it would make a cool backdrop to … Continue reading

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Mid December Displays …Floral Friday

I can barely believe there are only three weekends remaining of 2022. The holiday season only increases our perception of time passing quickly. There have been a few small projects I wanted to finish before time compresses even more as … Continue reading

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