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Sky Awareness

The sky is everpresent.  The sky is the part of our world that can be breathtakingly beautiful and at times, very frightening.  We would not exist without the sky.  Most of us only usually take notice of the sky when … Continue reading

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Some Magazine Ads From 1959

I’ve been carefully culling the mildewed, and spoiled contents of the black steamer trunk that was stored in the basement of an old house dad owned. Some of the vintage newspapers and magazines are so contaminated that I’ve had to … Continue reading

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A Few Old Family Photos

During the past year or so, I’ve been going through old belongings that had been squirreled away in nooks and crannies of dad’s house.  Perhaps the most interesting, yet melancholy inducing artifacts are a handful of very old photographs. Most … Continue reading

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Photographic Slide Experiment

Two years ago, I decided to go through some of the numerous slides that have been filed away in carousels stacked in the storage closet.  Nearly all of them were shot about three decades ago, when I went through a … Continue reading

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Vintage Saskatchewan Ektachromes

My friend Andy moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in early 1991. He invited me to visit him in his new Canadian apartment when I could get away from work.  It turned out that the last two days of June and the first … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos

The slower pace of Sundays allows us to relax and reflect upon life and our surroundings.  I remember childhood Sunday visits with family and friends as a time to look at their latest snapshots.  As I grew older, my best … Continue reading

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Some Antique Photographs

As if I didn’t already have a full schedule leading up to the holidays, I decided to open a box of old photos inherited from dad.  At the top was a stack of about a dozen or so very old photographs … Continue reading

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