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Listening To Others

One of the most wise recommendations is, that it behooves us to listen to others. Doing so is one of the most basic ways to connect to other people. Sincerely paying attention and comprehending other people’s communication might be the … Continue reading

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A few thoughts About Obstinacy

Grandma J sometimes had to remind me not to allow my redheaded temper to become stubbornness. Looking back, I don’t believe I had more boyhood temper-tantrums than my young non-ginger haired peers. In hindsight, it seems that many of my … Continue reading

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Contemplating Freedom Again

Wise sages throughout time have realized that most people say they want freedom, but when the people finally acquire the keys to freedom, they reject complete freedom. Much of the problem with popular notions of freedom is that it is … Continue reading

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“To write is a relief from life’s problems. It is a way in which you revenge yourself. In art, the writer achieves utopia. But any attempt to achieve social utopia is bound to catastrophe. If you want a society of … Continue reading

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Wearing Armor

My North Dakota friend, Craig shared an article about a new, supposedly religious group that hates feminists. I had been sipping a soy latte when I opened the rest of Craig’s email. Apparently, the group not only hates feminists but … Continue reading

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Foolish All Alone

“He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.”–19th century industrialist, Andrew Carnegie I stumbled across the Carnegie quote while skimming a yellowed, vintage Omaha newspaper to determine … Continue reading

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Heart To Heart

An ancient Eastern sage once said, “Human hearts are fields of blessings for the world, since this is where the path of reason originates.” Since we are taught that matters of the heart and subjects of reason are separate, this … Continue reading

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