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Live And Let Live

There’s little doubt that many people have surrendered to the wiles of highly manipulative leaders. Fear and negativity are more emotionally forceful than love and positivity. Far fewer candidates for public leadership envision the reality of favorable human evolution compared … Continue reading

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Leaning On Ceremony

During the funeral of an acquaintance, I thought about how nearly every Christian funeral has the same basic structure. In this case, the person was a traffic accident victim and had been cremated. For the preceding day’s wake, the urn … Continue reading

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The Social Graces

I observed one of those proverbial Karens in the supermarket this weekend. More to the point, the frozen foods manager at the supermarket encountered an entitled woman inside the store. Apparently, the customer wanted a particular flavor of ice cream … Continue reading

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Way back in the good ol’ 1970s, a few of my friends had given their cars names. Diane called her Plymouth Duster “Betsy”. My college pal Richard called his Pontiac Bonneville “Carbunkle”. Meanwhile I named my Chevy Vega Wagon “Ra … Continue reading

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Many of us have people in our lives who suffer as a result of their own misguided actions and thoughts. Our first impulse is to offer a shoulder to cry on and think of ways they could change their lives. … Continue reading

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The Golden Slide Rule

While searching through my small accessories box, I came across an old tie bar that hasn’t been worn in ages. It’s a miniature, gold-toned replica of a slide rule. The tiny gadget can be manipulated and is capable of performing … Continue reading

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Be Good

Upon saying goodbye after visits, grandma J nearly always reminded her grandchildren to be good. It was an habitual, reflexive statement she’d make–“Good bye and be good”. In this world of narcissitic behavior, cruelty, and violence, it almost seems pointless … Continue reading

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