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Base Blue …Floral Friday

This might be an unpopular opinion: I get tired of the amount of red and green decorations at this time of year. Although I enjoy that combination year around in judicious doses, the red and green motif is way overdone … Continue reading

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Thinking About Tolerance

Hatred and ill-will are toxic to a nation’s conscience and capacity for wisdom. The normalizing of enmity and domestic hostility are the seeds of brutality, social unrest, and the undoing of social progress. With diminishment of basic levels of humane … Continue reading

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Antagonism (Op Ed)

Many of today’s so-called popular movements appear to be based upon and fueled by the spirit of antagonism. There is the misguided idea that in order to improve something, like a major social institution, is to destroy it. Such antagonism … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts About Competition

Conflict and competition are inevitable in humans from childhood onwards. This is just an aspect of our biological nature. Competition may arise in the form of sibling rivalry, or conflict among pupils in the classroom. Competition for higher grades and … Continue reading

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The Moon

According to the last count, Saturn has 83 moons to lead all of the Solar System’s Planets in sheer numbers of natural satellites. Jupiter comes in a close second with 79, Uranus and Neptune have 27 and 14 to round … Continue reading

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The Golden Mean

Society’s seemingly endless bickering and beliefs-oriented violence achieves nothing constructive and further serves to create divisiveness in our world. While contemplating the current epidemic of political/religious extremism, the concept of moderation comes to mind. Moderation has become demeaned so much … Continue reading

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Do you ever wonder about the workings of your brain as regarding thoughts and memories? Unless we’re absolutely focused upon a task or engaged in meditation, random memories, resentments, joys, and visions pop up, uninvited. Some eastern spiritual teachers call … Continue reading

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