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Tangible Karma

Society harbors the common belief that Karma is a life principle that is absolute. That is if you send out positive feelings to everyone, that’s what you’ll receive in return. Or if you do a good deed, the person will … Continue reading

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Overview Effect

At dusk a few evenings ago, I pondered the sky after a cloudless sunset. Light blue tinged with faint orange were fading to darkness in the west. The black of night was asserting its dominance in the east while creeping … Continue reading

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Dressing Up

Getting dressed in the morning is a philosophical, mindful process each day. Although I choose the garments before bedtime the previous night, I still scrutinize my choices as I put them on in the morning. Even though I no longer … Continue reading

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Many of us understand deeply the state of isolation because we’ve experienced it in some form for a certain length of time. For the purposes of this short ramble I’m referring to isolation in the context of its harmful effects … Continue reading

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To mention that we live in a society that is awash in deception is to restate the obvious. We begin our childhood by being deceived by the adults around us. They rarely question the practice of deception; in fact, they … Continue reading

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Construct The Wide Road

While stuck in rush-hour traffic in Omaha the other day, I remembered some advice taught by one of my old gurus. “Whatever you intend to do, you should pave the road wide enough so that everyone is capable of traveling … Continue reading

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I wrote a lighthearted post about shibboleths back in 2011 that received little notice, so I feel justified in reusing the title for today’s little article. However, this time I’ll use one of the other meanings of the word: “a … Continue reading

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