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Considering Circles

I spotted my old “Pre-Calculus” textbook on the bookshelf yesterday and smiled as I recalled that I had never put that knowledge to practical use in my life. Dad had strongly suggested that I should try to develop a love … Continue reading

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Innovation For Teeth

I sat reclined in the patient chair in the dentists’ clinic waiting for the dentist to arrive to examine a troublesome tooth and reinstall the crown that had fallen off. Her assistant returned to inform me that the doctor wanted … Continue reading

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Reborn Again

Rainshowers and thunderstorms have finally resumed a somewhat regular pattern in my part of the world. Although total precipitation accumulation is still below average, the plant life is green and leafy. Dandelions are especially prolific around town this year. The … Continue reading

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May Is Stroke Awareness Month

I should begin with a disclaimer. I am not trained in any medical profession, nor have I attended any type of medical institution. I am only someone who writes blog posts about what I have observed. If you want or … Continue reading

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Upon Hearing HAL’s Song

For the umpteenth time, I watched Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. This occured during a lull in activity this past weekend. The scene in which HAL the computer is being shut down became the prompt for today’s short post. … Continue reading

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Overview Effect

At dusk a few evenings ago, I pondered the sky after a cloudless sunset. Light blue tinged with faint orange were fading to darkness in the west. The black of night was asserting its dominance in the east while creeping … Continue reading

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On Meteorology Day

The weather and the forecasting of it was a major interest of my late friend Doug. When he was much younger, he worked part time for the National Weather Service in Norfolk, Nebraska. His weather station gig was something he … Continue reading

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