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That Stranger You’ll Never Forget

While in the midst of a pleasant stroll home from the downtown coffee shop, my mind wandered into nostalgic territory. Lovely memories of strangers I’ve encountered brought a smile to my face. There have been dozens of anonymous people who … Continue reading

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Lucid Decisions

I looked around for familiar landmarks in a part of town I’d never seen before. It was an old, rundown neighborhood near the south city limits. Weathered, decrepit houses and abandoned farmsteads could be seen in the distance. A large … Continue reading

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Technopeasant Wretches

Earlier this week, I posted a science fiction related item on this blog, so my radar has been primed for sci-fi related topics.  A huge, hard to ignore blip showed up for today that I couldn’t resist investigating. Today is … Continue reading

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Thinking About Yellowstone

On March 1, 1872, the United States innaugurated the world’s very first national park. National park status was debated earlier that year before the US Congress voted to set aside over a million acres of public land located mostly in … Continue reading

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There’s an old lounge in the neighborhood that still has its old neon “Cocktails” sign glowing over the front door.  The image triggered my imagination about what went on inside the establishment.  Were there tables where laughing couples sipped fruity drinks … Continue reading

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Pangborn And Herndon’s Big Adventure

We know the significance of Charles Lindbergh and The Spirit of St. Louis in aviation history. By any account, the first nonstop, solo air journey from North America to Europe was an incredible feat. However, there was still one more, … Continue reading

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A Few Nashy Tidbits

In contemporary American society, poetry is one of the least esteemed types of literature. Many of us only bother to read works from past poets because we’re required to take a poetry course in college.  It’s too bad that we … Continue reading

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