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Going Places

Ever since the walking/biking path near my house was paved by the city, bicycle and foot traffic here has multiplied greatly. Bicycles of all sizes and descriptions pedal by on the street on their way to and from the path. … Continue reading

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Bel Air …Floral Friday

While gathering containers and materials to use for today’s projects, I sorted them according to mid-20th century design. Then a niggling idea to include a 1/18th scale steel model car as the prop came to mind. There just happened to … Continue reading

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Video channels featuring mid-century American automobiles have been showing up in my YouTube feeds the past few weeks. I’m guessing that the algorithm has “noticed” that I search for mid-century items, in general, so why not include cars? I clicked … Continue reading

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Safe And Sound

It was a very near miss one August afternoon in 1999 near Worthington in southern Minnesota. I remember it vividly because it was such a close brush with serious injury or death. I was behind the wheel of my 1986 … Continue reading

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Taking A Detour

Everyone who drives a motor vehicle knows the beautiful feeling of inertia when cruising a smooth, well-designed highway. The conditions seem perfect–light traffic, lovely weather conditions, the engine purring as it powers the vehicle across the tarmac. Then a glitch … Continue reading

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In Alignment

During our happiest moments we might have feelings of gratitude about completion, wholeness, and union. When our actions are in agreement with our values, we are aligned. Most of us only fully realize this idyllic state of mind occasionally, not … Continue reading

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The Junkyard

Most of the cars in the junkyard are not total wrecks. They appear to have either minor damage or perhaps they simply stopped running. Anyhow, that’s just my opinion, I have not examined the vehicles close up, in person. The … Continue reading

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