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It’s Car Care Month

Motor vehicles, particularly cars are interesting to me. Although pickups, SUVs, and truck-like “crossovers” are in vogue now, automobiles are the vehicles I most relate to. I grew up in family that paid careful attention to the care and maintenance … Continue reading

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Plastic Titanic

The empty hull, decks, cabins and funnels lay in scattered pieces for the beckoning of my commitment to recreate the beauty of the largest oceanliner of its day–the RMS Titanic. The ill-fated vessel is probably the most famous ship of … Continue reading

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Scale Models

There is a way that a person of average means can buy a Ferrari and not fork over one’s life savings to do so. One can purchase a scale model of the vehicle. There is the added benefit of being … Continue reading

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Dystychiphobia Awareness

I felt compelled to look up the meaning of the word dystychiphobia because my calendar noted that today is “Dystychiphobia Awareness Day”. It turns out that some of my friends and myself may have some undiagnosed form of this condition. … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

This is a quick, throw-away post. It was triggered by a tiny square piece of plastic. To be exact–a small piece of grey trim that was manufactured to cosmetically cover the Phillips screw head that retains the interior latch release … Continue reading

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September Equinox Again

Today I selected a photo of an Equinox driving through a lovely setting in New Zealand to illustrate the blog. This is to commemorate the September equinox and to represent change. The particular vehicle was manufactured by Holden largely for … Continue reading

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Going Places

Ever since the walking/biking path near my house was paved by the city, bicycle and foot traffic here has multiplied greatly. Bicycles of all sizes and descriptions pedal by on the street on their way to and from the path. … Continue reading

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