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Virtually Vacationing

Earlier this week, I felt nostalgic about a commute route I used to drive. So I decided to ride along with someone on US Highway 101 from San Jose to San Francisco. This was not physically possible at the time … Continue reading

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Deluxe Tea

I received one of those specialized, small, unglazed teapots for Christmas last year. I was told that it is intended for use with green tea and that it must be rinsed a particular way after use but never washed with … Continue reading

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Two Sunny Memories

“Keep your face towards sunshine and it will get terribly burnt.” Sometime during my teens, I twisted the famous Walt Whitman saying about sunshine and how shadows will fall behind you, because sunburn has been a worry since early childhood. … Continue reading

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Dystychiphobia Awareness

I felt compelled to look up the meaning of the word dystychiphobia because my calendar noted that today is “Dystychiphobia Awareness Day”. It turns out that some of my friends and myself may have some undiagnosed form of this condition. … Continue reading

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Vacation By Living

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve travelled out of the country. I had planned on a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia last year; however, the pandemic put the kibosh on that idea. Since then, flying in a winged tube hasn’t … Continue reading

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Rural/Urban Daydreaming

I’d like to get away from Nebraska for a few days, starting today. The urge has been bubbling below the surface for a couple of months, but erupted to the surface this morning. You might say this is an advanced … Continue reading

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Souvenirs …Floral Friday

I’m one of those tourists who enjoys buying small tokens of memorabilia when visiting attractions. I look for luggage friendly items like tee-shirts, caps, and knick knacks. If someone has been house-sitting at home, I include something for them, too. … Continue reading

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