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Rural/Urban Daydreaming

I’d like to get away from Nebraska for a few days, starting today. The urge has been bubbling below the surface for a couple of months, but erupted to the surface this morning. You might say this is an advanced … Continue reading

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Souvenirs …Floral Friday

I’m one of those tourists who enjoys buying small tokens of memorabilia when visiting attractions. I look for luggage friendly items like tee-shirts, caps, and knick knacks. If someone has been house-sitting at home, I include something for them, too. … Continue reading

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My Panic

You never forget your very first panic attack. At least that’s what I’ve been told and have verified by personal experience. I can close my eyes and effortlessly set up the scenario. I’m now able to use the visualizations about … Continue reading

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L’appel Du Vide

I stroll on the Golden Gate Bridge’s pedestrian walkway each time I visit San Francisco. It’s a tradition and sort of a compulsion. Ever since I moved away from the Bay Area, the bridge walk during visits, has simply given … Continue reading

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On Vacationing

There was no way to personally search for the extra camera memory card. I’m sure I lost it in the rental car. I was returning from vacationing in Toronto, so I couldn’t return to the rental agency to request that … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea

“You make a lousy cup of tea.” My friend remarked after we had returned to his home after a day of touring parts of his stomping grounds in London. Graham had proclaimed that it was tea time and requested that … Continue reading

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Time Tourism

In 1952, Ray Bradbury published a short story called “A Sound of Thunder”. The tourist, Eckles, takes a time travel journey to the age of the dinosaurs in search of a Tyrannosaurus rex. He was ordered not to deviate from … Continue reading

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