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The Northeastern quadrant of Nebraska has experienced drought conditions during the past year. The severity is much like the dry conditions in California and much of the rest of the Southwestern contiguous states have endured. Needless to say, the drought … Continue reading

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The Alpha Squirrel

I noticed the neighborhood stray tuxedo cat stalking the alpha squirrel who was nibbling nuggets in my front yard. I mumbled to myself that the cat will regret any attack she makes on that squirrel. The battle-worn rodent had championed … Continue reading

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Watery Thoughts

To lift people out of dire poverty, advance civilization, and save the planet are integrated goals of modern nations. We are connecting the dots between food security, global health, energy needs, climate change, and water availability. While working to solve … Continue reading

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The Turkey

The video that was posted by a curmudgeonly YouTuber criticizing the city of Camden, New Jersey had been playing on my laptop for a few minutes when I was distracted by movement across the street. A large bird had discovered … Continue reading

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Orange the cat seemed especially curious. Before settling onto my lap, he orbited me several times while sniffing at my sweatshirt and blue jeans. He eventually looked at my face and trilled. Orange then became obsessed with my coffee mug–batting … Continue reading

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Beauty And Ugliness

“Philosophy, in its simplest form, is the exploration of the beauty and ugliness of life.”–philosopher, physician, poet, and writer, Debasish Mridha Mridha’s quote came to mind yesterday afternoon while looking at the front yard and the street outside of the … Continue reading

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Simplicity …Floral Friday

The indigo-purple fireweed flowers cover much of the riverbank behind my house. The University of Nebraska classifies them as weeds, but they are not at all bothersome as long as they’re not in a sugar-beet field. I love the rich … Continue reading

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