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True Family

For many of us, to address the subject of family requires exploring our emotions deeply. Our experiences growing up in either a “conventional” nuclear family or being raised in foster family settings do not conform to socially proscribed norms. Many … Continue reading

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“An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship – it is a crime against our nature as human beings.”–Salman Rushdie Whenever someone issues an edict or warning with the aim of preventing me from reading something, … Continue reading

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The Clipboard

The decades-old clipboard leaned against the old stereo equipment stand in my den. I had recently tucked a few reminders of what needed prompt attention–some Russian Cyrillic cursive practice, Russian vocabulary drills, and a “Human Rights Campaign” bumper sticker. (The … Continue reading

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The Inner Nerd

I’m someone who loves experts and researchers. It seems as if I have always enjoyed the company of such people. My dad was a mathematics nerd. My best friends and room mates have mostly been nerdy to some extent. The … Continue reading

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Warnings And Disclaimers

Before doing any work with the laptop today, I noticed an email from Microsoft. It was a notification regarding changes in their terms of service. The document is basically a list of disclaimers written in legalese. To ignore them is … Continue reading

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Two Sunny Memories

“Keep your face towards sunshine and it will get terribly burnt.” Sometime during my teens, I twisted the famous Walt Whitman saying about sunshine and how shadows will fall behind you, because sunburn has been a worry since early childhood. … Continue reading

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On Fathers’ Day 2022

I shuffled through the precious few vintage photographs I have of my father before he married my mother. One of them stood out amongst the others because he was posed with his own father. The fuzzy snapshot had “1945” penciled … Continue reading

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