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On Fathers’ Day 2022

I shuffled through the precious few vintage photographs I have of my father before he married my mother. One of them stood out amongst the others because he was posed with his own father. The fuzzy snapshot had “1945” penciled … Continue reading

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Reflections On Fanaticism

To approach today’s topic will require some gentle movement and careful handling. Its nature is much like that of old dynamite–being unstable and prone to unpredictable explosive reaction. Fanatacism is its most volatile form in politics and religion. Those matters … Continue reading

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I water my bamboo palm once per week, perhaps twice if I remember. The plant grows fast and bushy. It fills up a cubby corner in the bathroom because I don’t know where else to put it. Sometimes, I give … Continue reading

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Nerd Pride

Because today is Nerd Pride Day, I decided to go full on nerdy. One manifestation of this urge, was to look into the unofficial etymology of the word “nerd”. Before the word was coined, there were other derrogatory terms for … Continue reading

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I feel quite fortunate to live in a neighborhood where many of us know each other as either acquaintances or friends. My across the street neighbor Chuck is one of those type of people who rush to help out people … Continue reading

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Personal Searches

I will begin today by mentioning that the names used in today’s post are pseudonyms so as to protect the privacy of the acquaintances whose privacy has already been violated by Internet sources. I also credit my friend Tommy (his … Continue reading

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The Love Of Learning

My friend José asked if I had ever considered becoming a school teacher. I replied that I once seriously thought of doing so, but after much analysis and brainstorming, decided against it. José said he had given public education serious … Continue reading

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