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Live And Let Live

There’s little doubt that many people have surrendered to the wiles of highly manipulative leaders. Fear and negativity are more emotionally forceful than love and positivity. Far fewer candidates for public leadership envision the reality of favorable human evolution compared … Continue reading

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Amor Fati

Today’s topic is a tie-in of sorts with yesterday’s bluejayblog post. Amor fati is closely related to coming out. Amor fati is defined as “the love of fate”. That is the welcoming of all of life’s experiences. Amor fati might … Continue reading

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On Inner Peace

When we pause for a few moments to reflect upon our lives, we may percieve internal conflict, sadness, happiness, or some other variety of emotional state of mind. Sometimes our contemplations realize our mental state is inner peace. There are … Continue reading

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While folding and storing some sweatshirts I reflected that just a couple of weeks ago, I wore the garments. Today, it’s all about short-sleeve tees and trying to remain cool. Chilliness was no longer the default; now it’s hot and … Continue reading

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On Diversity Month 2022

The committee who selected April as Diversity Month apparently made a smart choice–at least by outward appearances. April in the Northern Hemisphere is all about the bursting forth of variety. Plants are budding, birds abound, and people spend more time … Continue reading

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Thinking About Tolerance

Hatred and ill-will are toxic to a nation’s conscience and capacity for wisdom. The normalizing of enmity and domestic hostility are the seeds of brutality, social unrest, and the undoing of social progress. With diminishment of basic levels of humane … Continue reading

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In the dream, I was queued with my friends waiting to be seated at a formal dinner that was being hosted by a royal person of ambiguous status. Our group was soon seated at a very elegant table set with … Continue reading

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