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On Diversity Month 2022

The committee who selected April as Diversity Month apparently made a smart choice–at least by outward appearances. April in the Northern Hemisphere is all about the bursting forth of variety. Plants are budding, birds abound, and people spend more time … Continue reading

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Thinking About Tolerance

Hatred and ill-will are toxic to a nation’s conscience and capacity for wisdom. The normalizing of enmity and domestic hostility are the seeds of brutality, social unrest, and the undoing of social progress. With diminishment of basic levels of humane … Continue reading

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In the dream, I was queued with my friends waiting to be seated at a formal dinner that was being hosted by a royal person of ambiguous status. Our group was soon seated at a very elegant table set with … Continue reading

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Kiss A Ginger Day

I stepped outside at about a quarter-til-four this early morning to see if Orange the cat would show up as he usually does. I didn’t have to wait because he was already perched on my doorstep. I sat on the … Continue reading

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Let It Go

The little things can be more annoying than the big things sometimes. Right now there is an odd buzzing sound that seems to be coming from the modem or the WiFi box. It’s mostly steady low frequency with occasional bursts … Continue reading

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I Wonder About Hostility

It’s the elephant in the room that is on our minds and not well-hidden these days–hostility. Of course, people have been hostile as long as there have been people. It ebbs and flows throughout civilizations. It causes wars, genocide, and … Continue reading

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Back before Carnation Dairy was taken over by NestlĂ©, their evaporated milk cans featured the slogan, “from contented cows”. I sometimes wondered how farmers ensured that their herds were contented. Wasn’t there a discontented cow or two to be found? … Continue reading

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