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Acknowledge The Wins

This is daily bluejayblog post 4,070. I don’t mention the number so as to receive massive kudos, I could have fished for compliments at 4,000, 3,000, or 2,000 posts. I mention the number today to illustrate a point. Although none … Continue reading

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To Endure

One of the acquaintances I knew when I used to go to the gym each day, had competed in the “Hawaii Ironman Triathlon” and finished in the top ten. He once showed me the ring he earned from the event. … Continue reading

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In the dream, I was queued with my friends waiting to be seated at a formal dinner that was being hosted by a royal person of ambiguous status. Our group was soon seated at a very elegant table set with … Continue reading

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During a typical personal morning coffee break, I like to mentally review any rough plans for the remainder of the day. The highest priority task gets the most focus. I review the step-by-step procedures that will be done so I … Continue reading

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Limiting Beliefs

During the past year, it’s understandable that many of us may have felt trapped with few options available for relief. It may have been the lock-down and social distancing that has contributed to this in a real way. It’s also … Continue reading

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Pondering Inspiration

The Casini view of Saturn from the perspective of its North Pole has been the desktop wallpaper on my laptop for a few years. The photograph provides inspiration each time I boot up the old computer. I had some extra … Continue reading

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The feelings we enjoy when finishing a difficult task or reaching a goal are happy and joyful. They increase and solidify our evaluations of self-worth and personal strength. Perhaps you have graduated from school, or have received a promotion at … Continue reading

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