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Considered Action

We can daydream about what we wish to do. We can impulsively act without forethought. Focused vision paired with action can change lives. I could have written the three previous sentences and the intent of today’s blog post would have … Continue reading

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Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve

Anyone who has studied or read about historical events has probably pondered the “what ifs” regarding the major players. There were people who could have done something to alter the outcome. Those people should have done something to change the … Continue reading

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Ducks In A Row

I’m not a conventional procrastinator. That is, I take care of routine tasks as soon as practicality allows. For example, I wash the mixing bowls and utensils while lunch is simmering on the range. I wash the dishes right after … Continue reading

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Worry is ubiquitous. Worry can be destructive and exhausting. Worry can also be creative. Wait! How can all of these be true? Basically, worry is our built-in technique of dealing with fear. Worry is the mind’s way of trying to … Continue reading

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I quickly skimmed my mental checklist: insulated boots, medium-weight parka, mittens-not gloves, and snow scoop. Clearing the driveway was on the agenda. I had decided to shovel the ridge of snow that forms a few feet away from the garage … Continue reading

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The Flow

There is an aspect of life that we can either fight or submit to. That is the flow of life. Some people advocate going against the flow and others say we should go with the flow. I’m of the mind … Continue reading

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No More Resolutions

Hurrah! We made it to another year.  Are you thinking about the two main stereotyped aspects of New Year’s Day?  Hangovers and New Year’s resolutions. Maybe one of the resolutions is to drink much less this year. As we break … Continue reading

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