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Antagonism (Op Ed)

Many of today’s so-called popular movements appear to be based upon and fueled by the spirit of antagonism. There is the misguided idea that in order to improve something, like a major social institution, is to destroy it. Such antagonism … Continue reading

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If we’re so fortunate to have attained a reasonable level of happiness and success, it is probable that we will be challenged by some people who are envious or feel threatened by us. We worked our rear-ends off to get … Continue reading

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Feel The Synergy

When I hear somebody say she can feel the energy, I think she is noticing the people and environment around her are harmonious. Sometimes I pick up on that harmony. Then I voicelessly say to myself, “Feel the synergy”. That’s … Continue reading

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Grudges At Year-end

Grudges and me–the relationship is complicated. Grudges and resentments will sap a person’s drive and energy. They do┬ánothing to prolong and enhance life. We’ve heard and read about how harmful grudges and resentments are. Practically every wisdom tradition and science … Continue reading

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