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Eventual Obscurity

Last week I began the process of culling photos out of the WordPress media library for this blog because they are ineffiently taking up a lot of bandwidth. This blog’s library is already reaching it’s capacity on a paid platform … Continue reading

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Life Cycles

Tree leaves continue to accumulate on the lawn. They remind me of the life cycle of elm trees. Now, the trees are entering their dormant cycle as they prepare for the harshness of a Great Plains winter. As I sweep … Continue reading

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Accepting Oneself

I struggled to put on and tie a pair of shoes this morning. The shoes are black, fabric sneakers that have unreinforced tongues without midway anchor points for laces to go through to keep the tongues from dropping into the … Continue reading

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Older Americans

I don’t want to become that cranky old man who yells at kids to get off of his lawn. This thought came to mind when a teen and her large dog cut across the front yard yesterday afternoon. I smiled … Continue reading

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Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide (Review)

The book’s diminutive size caught my attention, just under 7 by 5 by 1 inches.  Then the title–Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide–clinched the decision to read it. At first glance, I expected some sort of step by step book along … Continue reading

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Everything Is Temporary

My original intent for today’s subject was to be about the official dissolution of Prussia.  But as I started researching the final years of that kingdom, I found that it was interconnected with many European events and nations.  Even to … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

September is a paradoxial month.  Supposedly, we celebrated the end of Summer this past weekend.  However, the Autumnal Equinox doesn’t happen until two weeks from today.  So we find ourselves in that netherworld between ending and beginning. When I was … Continue reading

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